Sibling Rivalries and their Evolution

I am lucky enough to have a sibling, my comrade in the craziness that is my family, my ally when my mother is being unreasonable, and I’m very happy to have him. Growing up I guess I wasn’t aware of this and we weren’t that close. My brother has another sister who isn’t my sister, me and my brother are both half brother/sister but really that makes not a damn bit of difference to me. Whenever I introduce my brother he has always been my brother, that half stuff never gets in a conversation because he and I are will always be brother and sister. But, growing up he did bring it up and would say he favored his older sister over me.

To which, how do you respond as a younger sister who only has him. “Oh, yeah, well… if I had a sister I’d like her better than you but I don’t so there!” 

Hmmm, I’m thinking that doesn’t work and it certainly had no effect whatsoever. We fought, bickered, he play fought and rough housed with me like I was a younger boy rather than a little girl. He was so much taller than me, and so much bigger and stronger that I’d end up getting hurt every time. And, I’d try to get my mom to step in to stop him but she just told me not to pay attention when he was teasing me. Which, would work if he wasn’t chasing after me and tripping me and you can’t walk away when he’s got you in a head lock.

Ah, but, my mom was an only child so I think she never got the dynamics of a sibling relationship. He said mean hurtful things, I said mean things back, and that’s just how things seem to work when you are younger.

With my brother and I getting older I do appreciate him and our relationship more. I look to him as a father figure sometimes because he’s always been so protective of me much more so than my own father. My brother never liked me dating and couldn’t believe I was doing it. When I’ve gone through the toughest times in my life he’s been there to talk to me about it and help me through it. I’m so proud of him for being a manager and for all the hard work he’s done with his career and his job. I’m proud of him for eating healthy and exercising and he is such a great boyfriend to the women he’s had in relationships. He seems like he isn’t that sensitive but he really is, and he is extremely sentimental too almost as much as me.

He’s funny, and so goofy, and he cracks me up constantly. He’s the only person to dub me a nickname for years and years and the nicknames have changed with our relationship changing. I want to be there for him for all of his successes but also for all of his missteps too, to be there through everything. I want to spoil my brother with his birthdays and Christmas because we are such a small family and because his birthday gets lumped into Christmas and I want him to have both separate.

I was so happy to have him at my wedding, and it made it even more special to see him smiling and he seemed like he was happy for me. There are so many pictures of me and my brother grinning on my wedding, acting goofy, and having a good time. Our families joined together that day, my hubby’s and mine, and it couldn’t have gone any smoother. I love my husband’s family and they are so accepting of me and kind to me, and everyone got along perfectly with meeting each other for the first time ever.

Plus, my brother is going to be the first from my family visiting me and that has me super excited and glad too. Even though he’s coming down for a football game he’ll be around my area for a few days so I’m ecstatic I get to show him around and that he’s coming here.

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