Fishing for Turtles

Why it’s called fishing… you catch fish, not turtles! A picture I took in the ocean.

I must admit that I am quite the avid fisher woman and I’ve been doing it since I was five years old. Me and my dad would take out our fishing poles, go up to the lake three hours away from our home, and spend hours and hours fishing. We rarely caught anything up at that lake, but it was the only place we could fish at and we kept trying. It turned out to be some pretty happy memories of me and my dad and groomed me into the severe tomboy I am today.

I didn’t mind worms, or worm guts, or slimy fish, and any of that stuff. I liked getting dirty from when I first could crawl some place and would keep bugs in my little caterpillar purse I carried around. I was unusual for a girl and rough housed with my brother constantly.

So, I tend to surprise guys when I fish, bowl, golf, or do anything that normally a girl would shy away from. I can bait my own hook, replace my hook after the line has broken, take a fish off the hook, but I came across something I wasn’t prepared for the day before. I was fishing and enjoying it when I seemed to have caught my first fish of the day. I reeled it in and it came up to the surface and I kind of stared at it like it was the lochness monster I was bringing in to shore.

Instead of it being like that creature I had an unexpected surprise… there was a turtle on my hook. 

The thing stretched it’s neck out as I brought it in and fought me every bit of the way, and also he was super heavy. Luckily, I had a guy with me who was the husband of the horse lady I’ve come across and he dragged the turtle up onto the pier.

I guess unhooking a turtle is like a fish but a turtle will snap at you, and has little claws he tries to scratch you up with while you try to set him free. I watched the whole scenario feeling quite surreal and thinking that they gotta get rid of all those turtles. There are more turtles in the water at this pond than fish and whenever you cast out your line the turtles paddle over to the bobber, bite it, and then dive down to try to see what’s attached to it. I’ve caught all sorts of fish but turtles are certainly not on my menu for fishing and I hope that big fat turtle learned his lesson not to eat little fish with hooks attached to them.

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