A lucky teenager loving London

Once upon a time, I was homeschooled when  high school came and so I had a lot of time to myself. I took up volunteering in about every form possible and loved this, and I got the chance to travel on ‘field trips’ which were really excuses for me and my mom to travel anywhere and everywhere. If I was asked if I would homeschool all over again I would tell you I would. Even though people who hear I was homeschooled think I must be inadequate at being social and an introvert I can handle myself just fine. One of my favorite classes in college was public speaking which I ended up loving both my teacher and the thrill of standing up and delivering what I have to say.

On one of many ‘field trips’ my brother became one of the luckiest guys to be alive when he studied abroad in college on both my grandfather’s/mother’s dime and without spending any money. He traveled all of Europe, from France, England, Italy, Greece, Germany, pretty much everywhere. He went to Barcelona (which looks absolutely gorgeous!) and he went to Paris several times. My brother still likes to tease me and my mother to this day when we talk about foreign cities when he says, “Oh, yeah, I went to that city… what, you haven’t been there? Pity.”

But, my mother, father, and I went to London, England, for our own fun. My mother told him we’d visit my brother but really we were there for the sights, sounds, experience, and culture of England. We so loved visiting that we came back three months later to visit London, England again by ourselves.

I was a teenager, and in the pictures in London you wouldn’t think I’d felt too lucky. I hated the camera so I wasn’t smiling, and as I look back I was overweight and pale as a vampire. But, seeing myself in that different country just gets me excited and nostalgic about all that we did. We went to the theater almost every night and saw Starlight Express, Woman in Black, and so many other shows. Me and my mother did a red light district walk and a few ghost walks too. I learned that asking for water was not enough, I had to ask for it, “Water with no fizz, please.” Or else if I didn’t I would get sparkling water almost every time.

I rode the London tube and realized that “Mind the gap” every time we stopped and the doors opened meant mind the space between and don’t fall down into the tracks. Chips were french fries and crisps were chips, and it was all such a different world from back home but yet… it made sense. The different dialect we had to pick up with ordering and saying things was picked up pretty quickly with our second trip. Me and my mom lived off bread and cheese and didn’t really go to any restaurants.

I wish all the time I could visit London again, that I could go to Italy, France, and all over the world. It’s an experience that when you are there you can’t believe it’s happening and when the trip is over you can’t believe you did it. But, you did, and you’d go back there and experience the sights, the smells, the crowds of people and Piccadilly Circus and so many other places all over again. Plus, you’ve barely seen it all and you want to live in that moment again, of awe, disbelief, and amazement.

I remember thinking I’m so far away from what I call home, this culture may not be mine, but I want to adapt to enjoy it even better in this moment.

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  1. I homeschool – my two oldest kids are grown and have thanked me for homeschooling them! I hope they don’t find your blog because you had much better field trips than we did!!

    • First, thanks so much for commenting, and secondly I would say my homeschooling was not the norm with the ‘field trips’. My mom loves to travel and we’d just pick up and fly all over the place, I don’t think that’s what normally happens. 😉 I liked homeschooling myself but get attached with a stigma pretty quickly if people find out… they look at me funny and say how extroverted I am for homeschooling.

  2. Awww, I’ve always wanted to go to London! And I was homeschooled too! 🙂 I loved it as well… and ALSO loved public speaking in college. So I guess we’re proof that being homeschooled doesn’t mean you’ll end up being a shy recluise. Ha, ha.

    • Oh, you would totally love it London! It is so exciting, and there is so much going on and I’d bet you would get a shopping KICK out of Piccadilly Circus, they have such cool stuff. You are the only person besides me that says you loved public speaking, everyone else seems to hate it so much, but I got a kick out of it! Ha, I know, they want to put a stigma on you when you’re homeschooled but really we are like anyone else and we certainly aren’t a recluse.

  3. Dude, you are extremely lucky!!
    I’m jealous. I would like to go to London and tour Europe!!

    • I know, I was a lucky ducky! My brother was even more lucky, like I said, he traveled almost all of Europe by himself without paying a penny and went to all of the places I dream of going too. He likes to rub it in too when we talk about it, he’s such a brat! 😉

  4. We are going to London for the first time this summer to start the Mongol Rally. I have always avoided London because I thought it was too expensive and didn’t really have a desire to visit. Reading this post is getting my psyched to go.


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