No nest to crawl back into

If you ever told me that I would move away, miles and miles away from my family but also where I’ve lived all of my life since I was born I’d probably laugh in your face. If you also added that I would give up my job of four years that I’ve come to love like nobody’s business I’d probably be hysterically rolling on the floor crying with tears.

Now that it’s a reality this certainly doesn’t have me laughing but that is how much I wouldn’t be able to believe that this could ever happen. I am the first and only person from my family moving as far away as I have, and even more amazing than that is that I moved away but my brother didn’t! My brother, since when he was a teenager has said he would always move away to some place hot and without a winter. I have heard this for so many years that if anyone would move away, I kind of always thought he would before me. He’s done some trips where he’s been away from home for a few months, but he’s always come back home.

I’m so close with my family, even though they drive me crazy, that I never thought I could do this. But, I did it, I’m here, with my hubby in a totally new place that I don’t know and certainly does not look like back home. There are days I wake up and still can’t believe it, other days I feel like I can just drive a few miles and see my family when really… I can’t.

There are days when I think I’ve slept in and have missed my work and then I realize, I really don’t have any work. Or, a job for that matter, I am currently unemployed.

At times I feel lost without the roots of my family and my work to support me and then I realize I need to make new roots. With my hubby, with our new life, I need to get adjusted and used to this new way of living. He’s been amazingly supportive and helpful with me, and I know it will take time to get used to being fully out of the nest flapping my wings in the breeze. I know he’ll be there to catch me when and if I fall and to help me to get back out there again. It’s just amazing to be making my life with my husband completely out of the nest and there is no way to hop back in it unless if I want to jump on an airplane.

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  1. I can’t imagine moving away from my home and family… but on the other hand, what an adventure! Sometimes, I think that playing it safe holds us back… I know that I wonder sometimes if I’d be getting more out of life if I didn’t let the fear of the unknown hold me back! You’ve definitely challenged me to take more risks! 🙂

    • I know following your blog that family is huge to you and with me and my small family it is very big for me too. My hubby is used to living far away from his family (like 4 hours away, we only saw them at Christmas), while with me I’ve never lived far away from them in my life. Far away before moving was being like an hour or so away from my mom. I know that moments like what I’m going through basically helps change us into a different person, giving us an opportunity to try something new in a whole new life, it’s just still really hard at times. You try some more risks, but don’t do anything crazy! 😉


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