Weigh to kill my love handles!

So, as you may or may not know, when I’m unemployed I become a fitness nut and exercise almost every day of the week. Now, being put in a new state, with friends and family far away, makes me even crazier about working out that I change into a fitness freak. It’s like the only thing I can control is my body (and just cross my fingers with search results of jobs) so I go into overdrive to mold myself into something else. Plus, with my job if you stop massaging I’m sure you lose all of that endurance for it because it’s super strenuous so I’m trying to build it back up with working out.

Wii fit loves to yell at me, and I yell right back

Another plus, working out is seriously addicting once you get into it and helps me get rid of excess stress. Punching at the air randomly as I follow Wii Fit rhythm boxing makes me feel quite a bit better even if my punches aren’t connecting with anything. The Wii Fit seems less cruel than when I normally work out on it, though it still dings dinner bells when I get weighed and tells me in a cutesy voice, “You’re overweight!” Plus, my Wii character goes from super skinny stick to this huge balloon and my stomach will not be contained by its virtual shirt.

It also yells at me for being shaky with yoga and strength moves that make me balance on one foot and if I wasn’t shaky I’d probably be a robot.

Come to think of it, no, Wii fit has not changed one damn bit and it still gets bitchy with me on certain days and likes to bring up that it thinks that I am a loyal dog, like a golden retriever. Seriously, it says really weird stuff but since I’ve hurt my toe playing baseball I haven’t been able to swim like I love, or work on machines like the elliptical. I even came across this new machine like an elliptical which is basically like a medieval form of torture brought to the 20th century. Even though it is probably a torture device and they put cameras in the workout room probably to watch me sweat myself to death I did kind of like it. It was in a strange, masochist way I did enjoy the machine torture device.

And, even though I only have the Wii Fit and it’s annoying voice to yell at me now I am losing weight. I’m down to a weight range I haven’t seen since I was eighteen years old… and I didn’t get down to that weight the healthy way. I stopped eating, was seriously depressed, and wound up losing 30-40 lbs within about a month or two. I am trying to be more healthy, watching what I’m eating, but I’m not trying to stop eating completely. I’m trying out fruits I’ve never tried before in my life, and eating them every day. I’m eating apples that aren’t prepackaged and cut up for me, and I’m even cooking for myself.

When I say that I’m cooking I do mean it, I’m making boneless skinless chicken breasts from scratch and it’s not a frozen meal. Which is pretty much amazing for me, I’ve never been able to cook and my mom never taught me when I was a kid. So, the first few times I wasn’t that great making chicken from scratch but I’ve gotten better. I still wouldn’t subject anyone but myself to chicken I cooked in case so in case I end up poisoning someone it would just be my own fault.

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  1. I got WiiFitPlus for Christmas and love it. I love the privacy and the feeling of not being alone while trying to reach a goal. I turned 35 on January 21st and the little Wii character even had a birthday hat on and said Happy Birthday. Although it’s a computer game, that totally pumped my day! It’s also cool to see fmaily member and friend Wii’s working out next to you even if not next to you in real life. When I see my father beating me on a running stint, it motivates me to push harder!!! Anyways, I have put together a yoga and stretch routine for about 10 minutes (try to push for some of the floor exercises – not just the standing ones) I also never realized the importance of good gait, posture and balance as I have since using the WiiFit Plus. It is making me more conscious of my stance. After the ten minutes, I love to do the step routines, the hula hoops, and the running. There is an option where you can select a food item that you want to burn off. I selected a bowl of sticky rice which is 225 calories. Everytime I do an exercise it tells me how much further I have to go, etc. I spend an hour on it; although between switching and picking exercises, it may only indicate that I have done 30 minutes…..anyways, with a varied selection of games – I have gone from 219 to 211 pounds since January 15th, 2010!

  2. So the main component accessory used for the actual wii fit game is the “balance board”. This innocuous looking square white board performs a number of key roles. Firstly it’s used to weigh and measure each participant, and then in the games and activities it’s used for recording and tracking your movements.

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