Wanna-be Martha Stewart of card making

I can be quite a craftsy person at times even though it certainly isn’t in my genetics to be so. My mom likes to ‘buy’ both mine and my brother’s affection through clothes, and stuff, and food. One of my favorite things I’ve gotten was something she made for me, jewelry, at this trivia competition we did. She’s never made anything for me so I wear it pretty consistently and think it’s pretty cute since she did it herself. So, I tend to make things for people, one of which being cards.

I am pretty damn good at card making, if I do say so myself. Martha Stewart-esque, even though she’d still kick my ass at card making probably with less supplies. Martha Stewart could probably make amazing handmade cards out of tinsel and some hay bale ties. But, I do love the look of handmade cards and I love how every time I do it, it turns out differently and I can custom make it for the person I want to give it to. My husband’s mother is actually quite a craftsy lady herself and loves little handmade things.

One of the reasons why I get along with my mother-in-law so well… that and she says I’m always right if the hubby and I are arguing over something stupid and trivial. Gotta love an in-law who always has your back and knows her son is a mischievous man who loves, loves, goofing around.

So, for his mother’s birthday what did I do? Well, the hubby bought her electronics (of course!) and I made her a cute little handmade card. I did something I’ve done before but I loved the look of it, which was punching out holes and tying it with pretty little pink ribbon. I did this a few times and it just gave the card this cute little vintage feeling. Now, the card itself was rustic paper that I glued two pieces together because it was pretty thin and just folded over. I embellished it with cute little things and bam! I had myself a cute card and something I know his momma is going to hang on to for a while, because she’s sentimental like that.

I do love his mother and I find it her to be a kind, funny, and caring woman. I can see why my hubby turned out the way he did because he had an awesome mom to take care of him. Even more so because  his mom was alone raising him. She taught him ways to take care of a woman and also just really great manners, like he will open the door for me (though I beat him to it every time) and will help me put on my coat too, on top of other things. She has always been so sweet and accepting of me, and she is unlike any other mother I’ve met with a guy I’ve been with. Generally mothers I’ve met have called me some pretty awful names and have tried to attack me verbally in ways that are pretty ridiculous. His mom and I got along like two peas in a pod when we met so I don’t mind taking some time making something for her.

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  1. I wish I was artsy like that
    I am in no way creative at all. I wish I was.. but I dont have the patience for it or the eye.

    • I kind of am but I’m not that great at being artsy and people are really good at it make me jealous. I like to draw and paint but know I can’t compare to any real painters out there so I keep it hidden in my house. It does take a lot of patience and when I’m low on it I just end up throwing stuff in the air and then I clean it up hours later when I’ve calmed down. 😉


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