Playing the in-touch game

I am not someone to keep in touch with people, and I have let tons of people fall through life’s cracks like sand through opened hands. My thing since I can remember, since I was the littlest of girls, was that I was a loner. This followed me through grade school, high school, college, and to life now. I’ve always been a crazy, out-going person who is not afraid of being labeled weird and I’m rather proud of being called that too. I’m an unusual little bird, and people don’t quite get to see past what I let them see.

So, lo and behold, I am doing the anti-Sarah thing of trying to keep in touch with my co-workers who became my friends over 4 years of working. I even just recently sent a card to one of my friends for her birthday, another friend I got a “Congratulations on your new baby!” card. And I must admit, I am not a baby person… I’m allergic to them.

Seriously, I’ve never even held a baby in my life. Please, don’t judge, I’ve always been the baby of the family and while people tell me babies aren’t fragile I don’t do well with tiny things. I don’t even feel comfortable touching my friend’s bellies if they are pregnant… yet, one of my favorite things to do with massage came to be pregnancy massages.

It wasn’t the most comfortable massage for me, but it was less pressure and I loved helping the soon-to-be mothers manage pain throughout their pregnancy. It became that really wonderful thing I got to do for mommas-to-be and as a student I was terrified, but as I grew more confident I really did love that connection with my clients. And, pregnant women tend to be the most appreciative clients you will get too, which always put a huge smile on my face.

My friend’s baby is cute, super tiny, and you know for me to say it’s cute it’s gotta be one damn cute baby! This is my friend I got all of her baby clothes and baby things before I left and moved. She’s a good friend of mine, and did a lot for me too like holding my bachelorette party which goes down in my book as one of my happiest memories I’ve had. I’m trying to keep in touch but it’s like near impossible without having Facebook because texting is more tedious than Facebook it seems. To me, it seems like people are getting used to communicating that they are ‘in touch’ with them by ‘liking’ posts and statuses and all that stuff. While me, I am super traditional, I will send you a birthday card and even a cute little package to say I miss you.

I don’t know how to keep in touch with family, my brother hates talking on the phone and my mother drives me batty. I love her, but she constantly asks me, “What are you doing today? Ha, why am I asking you that? I know the answer, nothing!” Seriously, that is our day-to-day conversation right after I say hello to her. Because I still don’t have a job, and me and the hubby don’t eat out every day, she has dubbed me as boring. She always asks me all the time if I’m doing anything exciting and I have been eating in to help with my fitness kick and I’ve been exercising about 2 hours every day of the week. I ponder not talking to her for a few days because she is making me feel like I am really boring, and quite useless without a job, but I still end up talking to her.

So, I’m stuck in limbo texting my friends and my mom makes it her mission every day to tell me I’m doing nothing but to ask me every day what I’m doing. I exercise like a fiend because basically it helps me to clear my head and to give me some focus. I want to have as much, if not more, strength and endurance for massaging whenever I do get a job and I’m trying to tone my body to get to its ultimate shape. I’m watching what I eat and even logging my calories to see what I’m eating and how I can lose some weight in the process. It gives me a goal to shoot for while I play the waiting game with a job.

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