Low maintenance = less gifts?

I don’t quite know if this true, low maintenance equaling less gifts, but sometimes I wonder. I am a strange person, and even a stranger girl, I’d say. I don’t really like ‘normal’ girl things, like make-up, clothes, shoes (they I do like to try them on, I will admit that) purses, etc. I am a product junkie and that is my poison, but I have enough saved up from before I left my work that I should last out a year or more with my product warehouse I have collected over the years. I do love massages, which is how I got into the profession of being a massage therapist.

I don’t really get electronics, but the hubby absolutely salivates over them. He just got a recent new toy on top of his other tablet, his lap top, his high-tech phone, which I don’t really see the use for it but he still wants three other electronic toys. He wants another lap top, he wants another tablet (his isn’t even a year old… plus he just recently got like a mini-mini tablet thing!) he wants a more high-tech phone, and he wants desktops… I think at least two of them. With me not having a job and not being sure when I will get hired you better believe I am trying to put some reins on his runaway electronic want list.

I don’t have a list of what I want to give people. My brother always has a list of stuff he wants for his birthday/Christmas. I have his current list of gift cards he’s interested in but I am going off the beaten path a little this year. I am going to get him this cool little food gift set I think he’ll like and I am also going to try to print one of my pictures from my last trip of the city skyline and frame it for him. He has been looking for a city skyline picture for years, even ended up buying one from Ikea and he tried for almost an hour to fit the picture in his car and it was too big. He had to return the picture he bought and he was pretty bummed, so I thought since my pictures of the city’s skyline turned out really good I will print them to a bigger size, frame them, and then ship them to my brother back home.

I am super excited about my ‘handmade’ project with the city skyline picture but I’m hoping it comes together well. I just need to narrow it down to one picture I like the best, print it big, but not too big, and find the perfect frame for it. Oh, yeah, and figure out how to ship it back to my brother.

I don’t have a list to give anyone for Christmas and yes, I do think about Christmas in the summertime, I like to plan ahead. My brother sometimes asks me what I want and I don’t know what to tell him. I end up saying spa gift cards every year and he’s really good about getting them for me so I am excited I can think outside the box this year and create at least one gift for him. The only thing I can think of besides going to a spa is getting back in the ocean again and swimming with sharks, but that I think is a little too expensive for anyone’s budget.

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