My ultimate pleasure, swimming with sharks

I know, I haven’t been around for really long, I’m even trying to catch up with my favorite blogger’s posts from when me and the hubby went on our honeymoon. I’m like a month behind, and am currently on a severe fitness kick I can’t even shake when I went back to visit my family and was tempted with all sorts of food.

One of the most amazing things I’ve experienced in my life was swimming in the Florida Keys and the snorkeling at Looe Key diving center. There were tarpan, barracudas, and what made it the most amazing experience was that there were sharks! But, not just any sharks, but Carribean reef sharks.

Not one, not two, not three, but like 5 or more swimming in and out of the reef. Beautiful, majestic, sleek, and awe-inspiring sharks. I’ve dreamed of swimming with sharks, even kidded with my co-workers that I might ride a shark (I didn’t, but wanted to) and the waters were crystal clear and the sharks just made the icing on the cake.

There is something about them, about sharks, that makes seeing them in the water, calming swimming, gliding, through the water that made me want to scream with glee. I even would see one, pop my head up, scream, “Shark!” excitedly and then another shark lover would come closer with me to the amazing fish. I got a picture of one underneath my feet, and they are all over my underwater pictures. And, the next day I wanted so desperately to go back out in the water and swim with them again.

Yay, shark!

Of course, the barracuda with the rows of sharp teeth and a face only a mother could love were pretty damn cool too. Tarpans which were monsters swimming around casually, cute little reef fish following me around and giving me the eye when I would pop my head up and look back down at them. I know I have this thing with water, it has always calmed me being in it and being in the ocean is like my ultimate kid in a candy store desire.

Our honeymoon was amazing, every second of it was filled with stuff I love and can’t get enough of, like snorkeling, and ghost walks, and all sorts of fun stuff. We spent a day or so in every Key, we were in Key Largo, Key West, and another Key too. Each Key within the Florida Keys was like a whole different area, and experience. Key West was worlds apart different from Key Largo, and it was a hoot, with roosters and chickens owning the streets and crazy sideshow performers out by the water.

We had an amazing time but definitely my favorite was being out in the ocean again with my hubby … it’s like my paradise.

Not a shark but a tarpan under me

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  1. Hey girly
    How was the honeymoon???
    Love the pics.

    • Hey there Marina!
      Honeymoon was amazing, it may just be the best trip I’ve ever had… partially because of having a shark swim underneath my feet and swimming with them, I know, I’m crazy. 😀 We did the Florida Keys, stayed at Key Largo, Roe Key, which is where we went snorkeling and came across the sharks and stuff, Key West, and then back up to Homestead where we checked out the Botanical Garden and chilled out for a day.

      It was so much fun, we were in the keys and our vacation was a week or more.


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