Baseball Woes and a Busted Toe

So, in the new place I’m living they have something we don’t really have back where I’m from… which is air conditioned baseball cages. I’ve never played baseball in my life, I did a brief softball game when my work had a softball game outing. I picked up the bat, didn’t know at all how to hold it but ended up hitting the ball and getting on base every time. Flash forward to now and I am super interested in this with my current fitness kick, that is past a kick and currently an obsession.

You take my work away from me and I almost always fall back to working out at the gym and pushing my body past its limits some way. It makes me feel really good to work out 2-3 hours a day, and I’ve been doing that every day for more than a month. I was doing swimming pretty consistently, until I hurt myself.

See, I’m pretty good at the batting cages and hit both left, and right side because I can throw the ball left and right handed. So, I was hitting on the left side, miss-hit, and wound up aiming the 40 mph ball right at my toe. This hurt like a beast and the hubby rushed me home once I took off my sock and saw what I had done… and I wanted to scream at the bone crushing pain but kept it in. It’s been more than a week and I have been in consistent pain every day with my damn toe and I can hardly walk most days.

Even swimming is a no-go, walking is tedious and painful and walking with a shoe and sock is torture. I’ve just recently tried to jump back into my fitness band wagon but I’ve had to take it pretty slow. I tried swimming in the beginning but that hurt a lot and I’m currently messing around with the Wii Fit occasionally to get my working out drug. I absolutely love hitting at the batting cages and the hubby even got us batting gloves and recently he just got us bats. I love going to the batting cages with him and he’s really good at it, and reminds me which hand goes on top when I hit. I really want to go back to hitting balls with him even though I think I might have broken my toe with the ball hitting it.

Each day my toenail turns a different color, currently its a lovely purple and it looks quite angry. I think it’s getting better slowly but each time I think that I stub my injured toe on something as if to jinx myself.

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