I am a whimp, in so many words

It hasn’t been that many months (a month, actually) and I am already planned to come back to visit my family and, as you know it, visit my work too. As sad as it sounds I am just as excited to visit my work as much as my family if not… well, more. I’m planning on getting maybe cupcakes for everyone that day and I booked myself a facial with one of my friends. Picking up the phone, scheduling the appointment, and hearing the front desk girl exclaim, “It’s Sarah!” was the highlight of my day yesterday.

I’ve been stalking a Salon/Spa in my area that I will hunt, stalk, and see just how I feel about it. It seems nice, I love their mission statement on their website and the list of qualities they look for in an employee. I haven’t been inside but have walked by, and it all seems very posh and seamless, I just really, really want the girls to be nice too.

I’ve been fine tuning my resume and I’ve been swimming like a fish. It feels good to get a lot of laps in and to feel like I am working off whatever I’m eating since I don’t have massage as my exercise anymore. Operation unpack has been slow and steady, now I have all my boxes unpacked from the move, I just need to put them places and make it look pretty. I’ve been a bit domesticated lately and have made simple dinners, i.e., microwave, for me and the man. Of course they aren’t from scratch or anything from the Food Network but I haven’t poisoned us… yet!

I can’t believe how much of who I was and my identity was tied up with my job. It feels like a part of me is missing, it’s even worse than having a hard break-up with a guy. Because unlike any guy I’ve ever dated I have broken up with my work and I can’t wait to see it again, and all of my co-workers inside. As soon as I get on the phone with someone I’m asking if we met our goals, and how we are doing so far.

Tomorrow is one of my friend’s from work baby shower. She is such a good friend to me that I even bought her a gigantic amount of baby stuff before I left, so I would be able to give it to her before I left. I’m kind of sad that I won’t be there. I love our rare big parties we have for someone, like if they are leaving, or more often when they are going to have a baby. Everyone gets in one space together outside of work and there is a lot of laughter, a ton of fun, and it’s just always a great time. I got her more than I’ve ever gotten anyone baby stuff and totally splurged, but she deserves it.

I’m looking forward to visiting, and seeing my brother again and hanging out with him too. It feels so weird that my family isn’t a couple of miles away, and instead I have to fly to them. I’m staying for 2 weeks because when I’m hoping to get a job it may not be as easy to get the time off.

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  1. I’ve been there! I was a waitress for 6 years and thought I hated the long nights, being on my feet all day, and running all over the place serving food. But then when I left, I was nearly in tears as I realized I wouldn’t see ‘the gang’ again for a long time. IT’s funny how you get attached to the people you work with!

    • Yeah, I can totally relate to your comment, I just miss my ‘gang’ so much, or as I call them pretty consistently ‘my girls.’ I miss that the most, even though I miss my family, at least me and my mom talk on the phone every day and I can’t just jump back into being a part of my work at any time.


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