I hate my job, that’s just not me

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I hate my job! I hate working! I wish I never worked another day in my life, wouldn’t that be the life? Just doing whatever you want, whenever you want, not working for the man?”

Of course, for me I only worked for the ‘man’ once, mainly I’ve worked in an all woman environment with my careers. Well, I am living your dream right now, and probably my co-workers dreams too. For the first time in years I am without a job, without a schedule, I don’t have my magnificent room and I am not seeing any clients for massage.

While I feel like I have my roots in the ground a little with being married to the hubby, finally having him there after 2 months of being separated, you know I’m adrift without a job. One of my girls from work texted me and asked me how “the free life without work” was? So, this is free? Not having a passion to work for, not having a team, co-workers, to kid around with? Not being one of the oldest people in seniority to tease the new people and put them under my wing if they are working in my Spa?

Where I worked at was amazing to me with my last two weeks, which of course made the heartbreak worse because you know I thought they’d hate me. I got cards from clients, gifts, cards from my managers I worked with, free hair and make-up on my wedding day, even though officially I wasn’t even an employee even more. I called them from the car as me and the hubby made our way to the airport because I realized in our rush I hadn’t paid for anything! I was told I didn’t have to, it was covered.

I probably would have cried again but I didn’t, there was still too much to do. I’ve become what I’ve always sworn I would never be, I’m become somewhat domesticated.  While the man is gone I clean, I organized, do dishes, and have even cooked very simple dishes so that when he gets home the food is ready for him. I have to do something to earn my keep, and even though I’m jobless, I have more than enough money to go without a job for months and months, even with paying my monthly bills. I have saved a lot of money from when I was working, and when I did have a job I only spent out of necessity, almost never for pleasure.

I didn’t realize how certain days I’d be feeling almost useless without having the structure of a job to make me feel accomplishment. It’s not even about the money that I make, though I know many people have said that. It’s about the teamwork I have with all of the departments, hair, nails, spa, and being the go-to person for when things fall apart in the Spa.

I like being on the ground floor for when a place opens, it’s how I’ve worked as a dog groomer and as a massage therapist. Now, I will be going into an established Salon/Spa with their people who have been there for years and I will be the new person. I just hope my good karma for always being nice to people who came to my work will be in my favor. I know how people can get when you are new, especially in an all-girl environment. It can be a jungle out there, only the fittest survives.

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