Friendship is the Funniest Thing

As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I do not make friends easily, nor do I let anyone that close to me. I’ve been like that since I’ve been a kid, and even as a kid, through being a teenager, and up to adulthood I have been the same about this. I rarely talk to people about my personal life, even though I am more than willing to give someone an open ear and shoulder for them to lean on. I do not like doing any leaning whatsoever, and put a lot of strength on myself to deal with things.

It’s why there isn’t anyone who knows I’m leaving … except for my Doctors and family. And, no one knows that he has moved away. Because it makes me cry thinking about it, and I have to keep strong and be happy especially when I’m at work. I don’t have any answers to any questions that might be asked and I’m just taking everything on myself.

Well, I did end up taking one of my friends out to dinner. And I’m sure she knew something was up because she had been working extra days in the week and probably the last thing she wanted was to go out after working yet another day in a row. But, I basically told her an exact day for us to go out, figured out a time, and we met up. I told her that I was leaving, and we both ended up crying, yet she says she is happy for me and just wants my happiness.

And this meant a lot to me, especially since I was afraid she’d hate me, as well as my work, and any one else who finds out. She even said she’d come and visit me, which makes me very happy to hear.

I still need to tell another friend who I’ve been buying baby stuff for since she’s going to have a baby a few months away. I’m very sad I won’t be there for her, that I won’t be there to throw her a party, or even be at her baby shower. I have to like someone a lot for me to get them baby stuff, I have a bit of a fear of baby stores because they are intimidating and I have never held a baby in my life. I know, I know, how could you never hold a baby in your life, right? It’s because I’m the youngest in my family and we never had anyone younger than me because I was the baby in my family.

I got her a ton of baby stuff and I wanted to get it for her before I left so she’d have stuff off her registry. Now that the time for my wedding seems to be coming up quickly the time for my move, for leaving everything, is coming just as fast. It seemed like everything was moving so slow and now it’s moving at break neck speed. Which, is hard to juggle everything I need to do, but I miss my fiancée so much and can’t wait to be back with him again.

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  1. I know how you feel. Remember though every one has their own life. That sounds mean and maybe selfish but that is just how it is.
    You have to live yours just like they do.
    Hugs girl!!!


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