Should be, but it isn’t happening

I feel like I should be wrapped up in his arms at the end of the day. I feel like I should be coming home to him, the smell of dinner cooking on the stove. That our conversations should involve us talking about our day, and when we’re coming back home, and how we can spend time together on our days off.

Instead, we’re struggling with this being separated. My day isn’t the same without having him in it. I even miss my fiancée putting me to sleep, as weird as that sounds. Because, on my harder work days where I’m obviously tired but trying to stay up to spend more time with him and he would end up taking me to bed to put me to sleep. I’d fight him, probably not making a coherent argument as I mumble on and on about how I can still stay up.

Then, as soon as he left and I was covered up with the comforters I’d fall immediately to sleep. So, he’d be right, even though he doesn’t gloat about it really about him being right and me being wrong with me needing to go to sleep when I’m fighting it.

Everything feels like it’s moving really slowly as we’re separated. The days don’t really fly by, and I just miss him so much sometimes it just hurts.

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  1. It’s difficult being away from the one we love. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but my boyfriend only lives w/ me part of the time. The rest of the time he’s in another state because, as with your situation, it’s just how it must be for now. Nights are always the worst. Mine holds me real tight and sings me to sleep. I miss it so much. We just have to have faith and know one day, we’ll be with them again!

    • It definitely is very difficult and if you asked me if I wanted to wait and keep working up here before I moved down I’d probably say I would do it again, just because I know that this is the best way even though it’s hard. Yeah, the nights are the worst. 😦 My guy always forces me to go to sleep when I’m really tired after work and I fight him but then I end up falling asleep like minutes later so I even kind of miss that.

  2. Awww as sad as that is, it’s also very sweet that you feel that way without your fiance` … it shows how in love you are and how strong you are love is. You’re in thoughts. Hope this time goes by very quickly!

    • Very true, the time seems to be going by quicker than I thought and it’s already coming to the time to tell my work that I’m leaving. I’ll make it through, it’s just rough!

  3. Awwww, that is so hard. Hang in there, girl! 😦

    • Thank you, I’m hanging in there as best as I can and he’s trying to do the same, it’s just some days are harder than others to get through.


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