Living out of a Suitcase

I was living out of the suitcase for a couple of days last week, with my fiancée and now … we’re separated with him moved down and I’m moved in with my parents. I have missed him intensely these past few days and it doesn’t feel like coming home when I don’t have him there to greet me with a hug at the door.

It’s been really tough these past few days,  and I’ve tried to work through this and look forward to him and I being together after our wedding. I’ve been working hard at work and trying not to let this affect me with my massage career.

I even held my first ever massage class recently where I taught all of our massage therapists a new massage that will be coming out soon. I was so nervous, and anxious, and worked up about it that I was pretty spastic trying to copy pages for the class page-by-page.

The class went over really great and I felt very pumped afterwards that it went well. I’m just very happy to have my job, my co-workers, and that my work gave me the opportunity to teach. Even if it’s for a limited amount of time, I still appreciate it and I’m glad that I was able to have my own class, and to coach new therapists that were hired and train them.

I’m not in a suitcase now but I’m just trying to look forward for when my fiancée will be my husband and we will be living together again.


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