Tag, I’m It?

Alrighty, real quick I was tagged by Marina sleeps and I can’t quite link to her because, well, I’m tired and made an attempt at doing this but failed at it. But, she had some questions for me, so, I decided to write my answers for it and I don’t quite know how this tagging thing works. I’ve made my attempt at it and here are my answers for her questions.


Here are her question for the people she tagged….

1.What does the saying “Kicking ass and taking names” even mean???

It means being myself and doing a kick ass job at my work.

2. You are driving. Someone flips you off. What is the best reaction?

Point at them and laugh for getting so emotional and then get in front of them and drive very, very slowly. That is depending on my day and how many aggravated drivers I come across.

3. If you could be someone else for a day who would you be?

Good question … I really don’t know who else I’d be!

4. What is the craziest thing you have done?

I’ve done many crazy things but I’d say one of my craziest is going up on stage with a riled up crowd and stand up and deliver my poetry … twice. They were encouraged to boo me but, luckily, I survived it.

5. How will you survive the Zombie apocalypse?

Live in a place with constant fire/water/electricity to fend off said Zombies and follow all of the Zombie rules of survival … like don’t let someone go back into your group after they’ve been infected and all that stuff.

6. Can you explain what is wrong with the Olsen Twins and Lindsey Lohan?

They are famous and a tad bit crazy … just a tad.

7. What deadly sin are you guilty of committing?

Currently? Gluttony, I had ribs tonight and they were fantastic!

8. What is one song you are embarrassed to like?

The Spice Girls songs, I loved them as a kid!

9. What is a day in your life like?

Umm, a day of work is rather exciting. Wake up, drive to work, set up my room, meet a ton of different people and tell them to get undressed, massage them, maybe have some very interesting conversations with them and if I’m lucky and not too busy do a little dance or two to keep up the moral of the team!

10. Can you dance like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

I could if I practiced… and drank a little bit too. I can dance like anyone after a drink or two.

11. What kind of child are you? 60′s child? 70′s child? etc etc?

90’s kid, totally, my brother likes to say he was a 70’s kid but he was barely in it and is more of an 80’s kid.

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  1. Awesome dude!!!
    I can’t believe people booed you when you read your poetry!!

    • Yeah, I know, but I kept going and it definitely goes up there on my list of biggest things I’ve done reading poetry to a riled up crowd. 😉


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