Web MD is my doctor, thank you

I feel like this guy

Okay, remind me not to google the symptoms you are having and then track it down on Web MD. First I thought I had a strep throat, secondly I thought I had scarlet fever because I’ve broken out in hives on the tops of my legs that are rough, bumpy, and hurt and itch. Finally, I’m thinking maybe bronchitis which I’ve had before, of course when I was younger, because I have a dry, barky, nasty cough and my throat is killing me.

Both my mother and my fiance are worried about me because, apparently, in the man’s words, “You sound like shit.” I spent all last night coughing instead of sleeping and fell asleep with this throat numbing drop and nearly choked on it in my sleep.

Good times, right? Not exactly, and I need to get over this A.S.A.P. because not only am I working tomorrow, and I need to work the weekend, but I’m also going to a class I can’t miss because I’m really excited about it and they have a horrible cancellation policy. I really want to be 100% for this cool class teaching us a new massage that is coming out and I want to be ready for work.

I don’t call in sick … I just don’t. Unless if I literally can’t move out of my bed, I will be there.

I’m just that kind of employee, even if I will be leaving, I will not let down my work, my fellow employees, or my clients because of a stupid cold/bronchitis/strep throat/whatever the hell is wrong with me. I am drinking so many liquids I feel like I could float and that if I move too much the gurgling of the water in me would be quite disturbing to hear. I tried to get in with my Doctor today but she was done for the day, and the rest of the people in her practice were busy. So, I couldn’t squeeze myself in. I’ve felt worse before, so I’m hoping this is just something stupid I need to get over.

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  1. Sending positive vibes your way and hope you feel better super quick!

  2. I know the feeling of being sick and needing to go to work at any cost. So I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂


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