I’m gonna take your money, honey!

So, the fiancée was going through all of the money he has in his bank accounts and transferring them between accounts. He kept on telling me to remember one number, then another, and what they were combined. Well, they were certainly a lot combined and he told me he yet again got another bonus from his work. I started to give him this sly look with an evil smile and he told me to stop looking at him that way. I said that was a lot of money, and he thought I had the most money out of the two of us?

I couldn’t help playing with him though. I’ve been lazy putting my cash tips inside of my cash box that I save for a rainy day so when he wants to screw with me he picks up my cash money and does a little dance with it. He even talks to the money and makes me chase him to put it away again.

He also says how he looks in my cash box when I’m not around and throws it in his bed so he can sleep with it.

So, you better believe when there is an opportunity staring right at me to play the same game back at him I will take full advantage of it. I kept looking at him with this jesting smile on my face playing with him about how much money he had. He started to get paranoid and said he was going to look up pre-nuptial agreement online. I walked back into the bedroom and the fiancée followed me saying there wasn’t any point to getting one for him, but he could get one for me and my money. Even when I think I got him when I’m playing around he still ends up winning.

Of course, we were just playing, but with my last ex he actually told me I couldn’t get married to him until I signed it. He was independently wealthy, never worked a day in his life, and so he didn’t want me to take all of his money.

He also said when we were basically coming toward the end of our relationship that I only wanted him for his money and his mother was right about me. We were in a long distance relationship, I never asked him to do anything for me and that’s just the way I am. I’m okay with giving to people, but I don’t like owing anyone anything if I get gifts in return. He was so fixated on that, and all of the money their family business illegally squandered away for both him, his sister, and the rest of his family that he always seemed to think people were out for it.

I’m very happy I walked away from that, yet it gave me another complex for money. Right now my cash box, which is this box that holds all of my cash tips in it over 2 years (of course I’ve taken some for myself to use on a day-to-day basis) is inside of my fiancée’s room. And, for the first time in a while, my cash tips are out and I don’t feel too paranoid for doing that and having them out in the open.

Well, that’s a lie, I don’t feel paranoid until he spots some, holds it in his hands, and starts doing a money dance with my cash tips. That’s when I hide it in a lower shelf so he can’t see it.

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  1. Many people don’t do this and it might be old fashinoned but my husband and i combine our finances.
    I know a lot of people keep their stuff separate but if you are comfortable enough I dont see it as a bad thing.

    • Yeah, for me I feel like I’d be most comfortable having it separate but I may decide later on that we could combine it. I’m just so anal about money that I’m not too sure I can handle it pooled into one. I already yell at myself for buying things especially if I don’t need them. I just don’t want to be fighting with him about him buying his ‘toys’ and all that. We’ll see though, down the line it may be easier to do that.


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