What can you live without for 2-3 months?

This is the question I’ve been asking myself and I’ve finally started a list. I haven’t wanted to mentally, physically, or emotionally face this move but it’s coming so I need to get going. It’s hard to remember everything I need, everything that can moved down with the man, what I need to survive, what can I wait to have for 2-3 months before I’m reunited with it later.

I’ve been doing such a good job with my training this new therapist, and writing down a list of everything we need to cover so I know my analytical side should kick in. But, when that kicks in and I start to get a list going my emotional side also kicks into hyper-drive because I think about everything at once. Us leaving our first apartment, me moving back in with my parents, being separated for that time, and not having him here. I’ll also have to figure out how to live with my parents because I’m so used to being with my fiancée.

I try to think of the things I need and I started to separate some of my favorite cards and letters from my fiancée. I want to have them with me so that when I’m having a rough patch I can read them and hopefully feel comforted. I also need blank cards so I can write stuff to my co-workers who I’ve come to love over the years and write little notes for them.

I just can’t seem to find the time to write the list down, check it, double-check it, put everything in a box for my folks and make sure there isn’t anything missing. I do need to make the time because come the end of February I am going to be moved again whether I like it or not.

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