I didn’t start the fire

So, you know you have a pretty cursed and horrific day at work when you messing up an appointment is out-beaten by someone almost burning the Spa down. Now, I’m just happy I didn’t start a fire and mess up an appointment because then I probably wouldn’t be able to hold it back, I’d definitely end up breaking down at work. Luckily, I was able to hold myself together … barely.

How did the fire get started? Well, we have these little tea lights and to make the room look fancy we like to line them up all over the place.  It’s easy to bump into them so I think that the girl who started the fire  hit the tea light into the tissue box, but I wasn’t around for it. I have set something on fire two times, and it was just a little kleenex tissue that was in the way. The first time I silently freaked out and hit the tissue with my hand. Umm… very stupid, right? I figured out that was going to make it spread so I threw it in the sink and had the common sense to turn on the faucet.

The second time I just calmly took it, threw it in the sink, turned on the water and the fire was easily put out. So, I’m a bit of a fire starter, but not to the extent of lighting up a tissue box. The girl in question brought the burnt box to a manager and they took pictures of it to send to other managers that weren’t working. I think they might frame the box too, it was definitely quite a day.

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