The Snack Smackdown

I’m bringing the smack down on these girls for when I bring in my snacks for my work lunch. I pride myself in a multitude of delectable, exciting, and a wide assortment of snacks to go along with my frozen food entre. I admit maybe what I’m eating with the frozen food entre isn’t as exciting as my snack assortment, but I find anything noteworthy that I spend only $2 to buy when they’re having food delivered at the cost of $10 or so for just a sandwich, if not more.

I bought some grapes, and some little apple packages with little caramel packets to go with them, dried fruit chips, and more. Their jaws are going to drop when I bring in my little fruit assortment to work, they always act surprised when I do something like that.

One of my favorite things to bring in to snack on at my lunch are veggie straws and humus. I never used to like humus until about a year or so ago when I tried some humus that a girl brought in to work. To my surprise, I loved it, and there are only certain brands I pick and flavors I’m interested in. I used to be just a garlic humus girl but with some brands the garlic would be enough to repel a vampire, let alone my poor clients, so now I go with the roasted pine nut humus.

I like to take all the space on the counter when I eat. I don’t share well at my lunch time, I don’t like being bothered, I don’t like being talked to, and everyone knows to stay out of my spot in the breakroom. I’m a pretty pleasant person but mess with me when I’m eating and I might just flip out because I end up being so hungry. And, if there’s no place to sit in the breakroom, someone is going to get up especially if it’s the only time in the day I can eat, which lately has been every day I’ve been working.

It doesn’t help that with our venting system any food cooked in the breakroom is wafted up the ducts and into my room so I smell all sorts of food while I’m starving. It’s like a form of twisted torture smelling food while you’re massaging.

This week is just filled with me working, training, like 6 days out of the week and even on my day off I came in to get a massage (oh, I know what you’re going to say, poor baby, she had to get a massage on her day off). I didn’t get a normal massage though, but one of our specialty massages, so while it was a really good massage, there were steps missing from this specialty massage. Which, means I will probably have to come in, schedule something and get a model to give the therapist a quick demoing session on the massage. I don’t mind though because I want to take full advantage of the opportunity to train. It took me going on four years for them to feel confident in giving me full responsibility for the training all of our new therapists and even though it’s more work, I am excited about it.

So, I’m having extra snacks, healthy snacks, for me to look forward to on my work shifts. I also really like making the people I work with jealous over my adorable and tasty snacks I bring in … what can I say? I’m just a great co-worker like that.

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  1. I LOVE hummus, and I totally need to start bringing it to work as a snack. I totally don’t eat a good variety of snacks, so I tend to get bored of them. Ha, ha.

    • Yeah, the people ask me if I get bored of my favorite snacks, like the hummus and veggie sticks, but the hummus is so good I just can’t get tired of it!


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