My Best Asset – the Chest!

Me and the man were talking on the phone yesterday and got on the discussion of my best asset. He feels like I have many great assets and anything attached to me is my best asset. The man is really sweet like that, he even loves my legs, which I’m not such a fan of.

I would definitely say my best asset is my chest area, which is just the right size and something I’ve loved to show off since I’ve gotten them.  Unfortunately, with my job it is not a smart idea at all to be showing cleavage popping out of your spa uniform when you’re working. I keep every button on there buttoned up and it’s quite big on me so my clients probably think I’m a huge monster without the uniform.

One of the new estheticians was doing training and I walked into her room.  She had a lot of cleavage going on so I exclaimed, “Whoa! That is a lot of cleavage!” She looked at me funny, looked down at her shirt, and promptly tried to drag it back up while telling me how weird I was. I didn’t mean to throw her off, but you don’t want to be having ‘the girls’ out there especially when estheticians work on male clients too and you don’t want to have the wrong perception going out there.

I’m still scared I will come across a major creeper who will try something with me. I’ve had that once in my career and unlike how I planned it my head (i.e.- elbow him in the crotch and hit the panic button) I was so terrified that I just wanted to run out of the room because he kept on saying crazy things and ended up touching me several times.

I hate being touched, so I make sure to send that message to my clients through body language. I will be touching you for an hour, you will not put your hands on me. Especially with guys the whole possibility of them touching me creeps me out so I make sure to button up to my ears if I could. People still think the joke of ‘happy endings‘ is funny, which it isn’t, especially since I paid over $14,000 for my education and I pay even more in continuing ed and to keep my license. I am a professional and should be treated like any other professional out there. It’s just hard because of that joke and the sometimes twisted perception people have of what I do.

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  1. Yes but don’t you just love it when men TALK to your chest (because they can’t seem to take their eyes off it)? Because you know, it’s going to talk back to them right? 😀 I’m pretty well-endowed myself and can tell you, without doubt, the first time I met my husband (blind date) he never once looked at my face! I’m surprised he knew me the next time we met.

    • Ha, very true! I find that hilarious that you are surprised he knew you after you guys met because he was more interested in your chest. Mine was interested in my face in the beginning but now he seems to be more interested in looking at my chest now that we’ve been together for a couple of years. Funny how that happens, right? He does call me pretty all the time when we look at each other face-to-face even when I’m feeling worn and torn from work.


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