My Ally in a Crazy Family

I have someone who has not only been my ally, and also a foe at the same time, but who I’ve looked up to for advice and guidance in my life. He’s given me a clearer head and great words of wisdom, and the thing is he rarely talks seriously so when he does you quickly shut up and listen.

This ally, and foe of mine when I was younger, is my big brother. He and I mainly fought when we were younger (don’t siblings always get into little squabbles when they are young?) but as we’ve gotten older we’ve grown out of that and grown closer.

He’s the person I spoil the most on Christmas. Yes, my fiancée knows that and he also knows how close I am to my brother. My brother doesn’t really talk on the phone much, and in person he’s generally goofing around, but at the most critical points in my life where I’ve felt pretty hopeless he’s given me some direction. And, he’s the negotiator when me and my mother get into our huge fights sometimes.

And I negotiate between my mother and brother when said fight is happening between them.

My brother hasn’t exactly ‘approved’ of me dating but he still thinks of me as his little sister. I’m sure that with me getting married it’s still a surprise because he recalls when I was just a three-year old and could barely talk. I want very desperately for my brother to find love, an amazing relationship with a woman who we will love deeply, and for her to treat my brother as well as he has treated all of his girlfriends. I want him to be open with his relationships, but I know he keeps it secret from me and definitely my mom because she stalks his girlfriends on social networking sites and won’t leave him alone to be in a relationship.

Plus, she’s extremely critical and the few girlfriends he has brought around us he’s regretted so he wants to keep his life private. Which, I understand, and I understand him being even private with me or us. Whatever he does in his life, whether it’s a new job, or a new hobby, or a new girlfriend, I want him to find happiness in it.

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