“You’re going to make me cry”

I have this client of mine who has been seeing me since we originally opened our one location and since I’ve been working as a massage therapist. I’m close to some of my clients, but with her, I feel a lot closer than I normally would be with clients. She also had the cutest reaction to me being engaged when I told her. She looked at me dumbfounded and exclaimed, “Sarah! You massage me naked every two weeks why didn’t you ever tell me you were engaged? I’m hurt!” I laughed and explained to her with not knowing my wedding date, and a few other things, I wanted to keep it hush, hush, for a while.

I like her, she’s got a rough exterior and she has a tough outer shell to keep people away from her but deep down she is a nice person who gets stepped on so she tries to be tougher than she is. I can understand this, and appreciate this, because I play the same game. I’ve been hurt before, I’m too nice, and care too much about people, so I get hurt a lot.I have been a sensitive child and adult since before I could remember. She was the first client ever to write me a little card for our three-year ‘anniversary‘ since we’d been seeing each other.

I gave her a Christmas card and told her the exact same thing she said when she came in with a card. “Just go with it!” She takes a lot of pressure and stuff but I’ve realized with having this guy come in every week who takes the most pressure out of my life that she isn’t as bad as that. I try to listen to my body with her massages and make sure I’m not doing a technique too hard where I might injure myself and I’m happy with her legs and arms she can’t take the same pressure on her back.

My client came in and she told me that she’s moving away. And, I’m not going to lie, I felt like I was going to cry. I started to think about her leaving, and then me leaving, and it was hard not to get emotional. We started the massage and she was saying how she’d miss me and when she decided she was moving she thought about me as her massage therapist as one of the reasons it wouldn’t be so easy. Well, I thought of her with my move and how devastated and mad she’d be that it’d be going. I guess it’s easier now with us both leaving but I can’t tell her until I actually have to tell my work. It’s just I have to keep it secret from any clients, co-workers, and any one I work with.

My client has gone through a lot. She’s going to be moving because she’s getting a divorce from her husband, she has an adopted son who has been verbally and physically abusive to her, and there’s even more than that. She’s come in my room and cried and she is a tough little cookie. I hugged her on that day, even though I don’t hug, because my heart broke for her and I knew it was just her being at her breaking point.

She’s a little rough around the edges, but with getting to know her after three years I’ve gotten really close to her. I told her I just want what makes her happy and I think this is a good start for her … I’m just going to miss her.

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