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With my job there is something that always seems to get me riled up and rather frantic about it. I just cannot stand it when I work, I’m extremely busy, and I don’t end up having a lunch.

A client shows up really late, I take them and give them the full hour massage, my next client shows up on time but I’m late from the first client so now I’m behind. And running behind means you don’t drink, you don’t have time for anything, let alone having a lunch. Lately I’ve been able to at least eat something in the 5-10 minutes between the next client but this wasn’t true with today. I ended up going straight through my shift without eating anything.

I get a little crazed when I work really hard, massage for a long time, and hardly have time to even chug water, let alone sit down for a lunch. So, before I left I heated myself up something, sat down, and shoved my face.

My clients were really good, I sold a really good amount of retail, but I am just exhausted. I picked up yesterday so I’m going on a lot of days and I’ve been booked up every single day. Luckily, I ate breakfast this morning and had some tea before I left but it just felt better to finally eat. My day tomorrow doesn’t look too booked, yet last Tuesday it was the same thing and I ended up filling up. I’m feeling kind of worn out and I’m looking forward to my days off to re-cooperate.

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  1. Dude I feel your pain.
    I leave early every day to pick up my daughter and I normally don’t take a lunch due to time.
    I am about to go postal when I don’t eat.
    I force myself to eat crackers in between.

    • I feel your pain! It’s the worst when you don’t eat, I totally go postal and crazy and I feel frantic if I don’t have anything to eat. I feel like gnawing on my clients arm if I go my entire shift and I haven’t had anything for a lunch and haven’t had breakfast too.

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