The next Wedding Question after your date

So, I have told with much triumph and a little shoving in the face my wedding date to people who have asked. The shoving in the face a little bit goes to those people who wouldn’t leave me alone about it who had this smugness when they asked and I didn’t know. This happened at our meeting when a smug person taunted me with “Oh, do you know a date yet? Probably not cause’ you never seem to know…” and I told her it with an undertone, “Na, na, na, ha ha” right back at her.

My wedding date has been elusive to me for months because of the venue I picked. To get a date in April, like I wanted, I had to wait until December for them to give me dates for that time. Add to the fact I’ll be leaving after my wedding, and I’ve been rather hush-hush about it. But, I couldn’t help when I was asked that question with the attitude the questionnaire gave me I had to quench her gloating with my own self gloating that I could answer her question. This self gloating lasted briefly as I was asked one of the follow-up questions you get after you have a wedding date.

Have you picked out your wedding dress yet? This question may also be conjoined with the inquiry of, “How are you going to wear you hair for your wedding?”

Now, I work at a Salon/Spa so this is a very important question to ask, I guess, with how I will do my hair … and my make-up, and if I will get my nails painted on top of primping myself like a normal bride. Ever since I have been able to think for myself as a child I have despised dresses. This tomboy-ishness has not changed over the years and I find that I am about as awkward in a dress as an elephant in a tutu. This is how I feel in a dress, I feel like I’m huge and exposed and I don’t know how to be dainty in it.

I cross my legs like a man in jeans, I can’t do that in a dress.
I know I will probably still go with a dress for my wedding even though I hate them passionately because in a way I do want to have one for my actual wedding day. My mom wore a pant suit for her second marriage, and I’m pretty sure she did the same for her first so it’s not like I’m getting any pressure from her. Even though I am not a traditional bride, in any way, shape, or form, I still like the idea of a cute little dress for my special day. I just wish someone else could wear it instead of me so I don’t feel like an elephant in a tutu.
As for my hair I’d love one of my girls from work making it acceptable because I don’t know to style my hair … or wear a dress, or paint my nails, or do anything that makes me seem like a girl. But, once I let them know how my wedding coincides with me leaving I don’t expect my work to take care of me on my day. The owner of where I work keeps on telling me that if I let anyone do what I need to do on my wedding it should be them and how I should come in to get my hair done, make-up, and all that. Once I let her know I’m leaving I don’t expect the invitation to still be there, but I appreciate whenever she tells me I should come in and get everything done. You can see how excited she is at the idea of having a free-for-all for dolling up tomboy me.
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  1. Yay for weddings. I’m super excited for you.

  2. Sarah I am super excited for you!!
    I wish I knew you in person!! I would go pick your wedding dress with you. But I say everything looks nice so you might not like me there after all!

    • Awww, thank you, dear! I wish I knew you in person too, then we could have movie nights together, but no scary movies though. Nah, I don’t mind you saying things look nice, my mom says the opposite so it’d be nice to have it evened out. 😉 It’s just I’m not a dress girl wearing a dress makes me want to itch, I think I’m allergic!

  3. “This self gloating lasted briefly as I was asked one of the follow-up questions you get after you have a wedding date.” hahaha this sentence has made me laugh out loud! Oh dear, is this what I’m to expect after I start announcing my date?

    • I’m glad to make you laugh out loud! Yeah, you can expect a lot of scenarios like that once you announce the date, just let the ones who want to annoy you get to you though. OR, the people who think they know best for what you should do, you are the best person to know what you and your hubby-to-be want for your special day, honeymoon, and everything else.


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