Crying over Spilled Martinis

Do you need a hug? Says the overstuffed kitty.

So, we had our work meeting, our end of the year annual one where we go through everything. And though I didn’t win as many awards as last year, I still ended up getting emotional (once I got home, of course).

Two chocolate martinis, one champagne, and one vodka and cranberry did not help this. Being given on top of those drinks four more drink tickets didn’t add well to the situation either but I resisted the alcohol. With all of that stuff in my system I cooled down, drove home just fine but ended up getting back and having everything hit me. A work scrapbook of all of the pictures from our year we had in 2011 didn’t help and a card made out to me with some sweet stuff did not sweeten the deal.

I became a bawling mess. I mean, I’ve cried over this move and losing my job, obviously, but this time it was hard to keep it in at our meeting which of course the alcohol didn’t help the situation. I faked it like a champ until I got home and then broke down once he asked me what was wrong. I feel better now that I’ve let it out for the time being. One of the girls who I knew from work, who is hilarious when she drinks, insisted on me coming with her to a local bar for more drinking.

Her insistence sounded like this, “I’m going to buy you a drink there so shut up and come with me to the bar!” I turned her down and headed home to try to take it easy and blubber like a baby once the man asked me what was wrong. Plus, I had enough drinks that I waited until I sobered up before I came home and paid special attention to the road.

Our meeting was fun, but kind of draining for me at the same time. I’m thinking of maybe asking some of the girls to go out with me before the cat comes out of the bag, which won’t be for months.

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