Let’s just watch how things go

So, I had the glaucoma testing and the eye pressure changed in both of my eyes, my visual fields test wasn’t as horrible as I thought it was. There definitely showed in one eye that I wasn’t picking up the lights so they want to keep on testing me. The Doctor doesn’t want to be too invasive with us just discovering about the glaucoma.

They have this one test which is supposed to be more advanced and it actually goes inside of my eye and pokes my eyeball which I can’t stand. The Doctor has to force my eye open and numb it before she does the test.

She keeps on telling me to look at her ear and all I can see is this thing coming closer and closer to my eye and …. AH! it’s set right in my eye and I try to breathe through it.

I hope that the next time they test me I improve with whatever is wrong and the pressure maybe drops. It’s been high and this time it was the exact same number in both eyes, but still high. I would like to, if I need to, get the laser surgery for my eyes before my move. I won’t be doing it though unless if the Doctor thinks I should go for it, which she won’t know until further testing to see if I’m staying steady with my vision and everything or if it’s changing.

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  1. Goodness, this is terrifying. I have a history of glaucoma in my family. I can barely hold still for the puff-of-air glaucoma test at the eye doctor. I hope you only have to go through this once, and I hope they develop new technology in the near future.

    • It is quite scary but as long as you catch it quickly and treat it it does help a lot. I hate the puff-of-air test too! The test I talk about is supposed to be more technical and it goes in your eye and presses in it and they have to numb your eye for it. I hope they come up with better stuff to test with too, it makes me so nervous and she has to go back and do it several times because I shut my eyes for it.


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