Crawlies creeping all over

There is this problem I’ve had with the fiancée that I’ve never had before. It’s because he brings fresh fruit and veggies in and they sit for quite a while, don’t get eaten, and then mayhem happens. Bugs somehow hitch hike inside and I am fighting off an invasion of such magnitude that I don’t know quite how to get out of here alive. The invaders are tiny, winged most of the time, or as in this time, seem to hop and jump like little fleas. Let me say that I do like bugs, have liked them before I could talk or walk, but, I do not like them in the house. If they are in my territory, they are dead.

I’ve been crazy lately because of the invaders and for the fact that this is the second time this has happened and I have mainly fought the battle against the fruit insects alone. I came home after a long shift at work, I was tired, barely had a lunch, and noticed the horrific smell in our kitchen was still not gone. I had taken out pizza boxes, and started my ritual of running the sink water to try to flush the stank out.

Oh, then there scurried the tiny little flea looking things and I saw them run to the box of onions and stuff. There were so many of them I went into panic mode. With the water boiling hot I sprayed the counter over and over again until everything was soaked in that corner and the invaders were drowned. Yet, I didn’t get them all and there have been stragglers who have survived that every time I see them I just go crazy. My family never has fresh produce so I’ve never dealt with this before, and he can never see them or kill the bugs so I mainly battle them by myself.

The stank in the kitchen is much better since obviously the produce was rotting and I told him to keep an eye on stuff like that. He told me we were only going to be living here, at our apartment, for only another 2 months. I don’t think he got the point.

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  1. Those invaders sound like fruit flies to me. They are harmless until they want to fly into your mouth and nose while you sleep. Just remove the rotten fruits and sanitize the area with 10% bleach solution and you’ll be fine.

    • I was thinking they were fruit flies too but I never saw them hop and jump before like fleas, so that was a new thing. I sanitized the heck out of the whole kitchen once I discovered their hiding spot!


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