Ho ho a Go Go

Well, it is Christmas Eve and all throughout the night I was not questioning whether or not I was booked today. I knew it, 4 appointments, one 90 minute massage, and not a chance of me getting out early. I had my fingers crossed that maybe I would be with only 1 appointment, they’d listen to my pleas and me jumping up and down saying,

I have to drive like 4 hours to where my fiancée’s family lives … which last year it took like 5 hours. Let me go!”

But, there is absolutely no chance of this, so, I have Christmas cards for all and some candy canes with adorable little jelly snowflakes and such on them. The fiancée and I opened up our presents last night because we will be so far away and he loved his gifts, and I loved mine too. We have a big box full of presents for his family and he wrote in the ‘Save the Date’ cards I made yesterday.

His family will find out on Christmas Day about our wedding date just like last year where they found out we were engaged on Christmas Day … and I was surprised ninja hugged by his sister so tightly they screamed at her to let me go. Man, his family is very touchy feely, and mine don’t even hug each other and when we do it’s that awkward hug with both arms stuck to the sides.

Luckily, the weather is not frightful today like last year and this should make for better drive. Yeah, what about the white Christmas you might say? Well, I’ll take without the white stuff if it means not spinning off the road.

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