My last Christmas at Work

So, you know, I will be moving away and won’t be at my work next year for Christmas. I will be moved down with my fiancée, away from my family, my job, my people I call ‘friends’, but it’s going to be a new adventure and I will be closer to the Ocean. And, one thing about me I discovered years ago is that I could spend literally an entire day in the Ocean swimming if given a chance. It’s going to be new, scary, and a completely different change but if it’s what we need to do for the man to have a better opportunity with his career, then it’s what we gotta do.

I don’t know if my Mom’s happy because she’s putting on a brave face while simultaneously stressing me out about everything I have to do. Getting another massage license, making sure we have our wedding, figuring out what things can move with him and what other things I will have to move back in with my folks, and lots more. I’m not sure if my brother even realizes I’m getting married because he thinks I’m five years old, and I’m his baby sister. My father is clueless, and really doesn’t care either way, but that’s just how he is.

This will be my last Christmas at my work. Which, would make sense if I didn’t do anything for the girls I work with since I’m just leaving in the end.

I don’t do anything that makes sense.

I got gifts for my spa girls and several others gifts for a hair stylist who I enjoy talking to and a nail technician I’ve known for the three years I’ve worked there. I’m making Christmas cards for pretty much every one I work with, even managers. There’s no point to it, right? I’m just going end up leaving and they will strike me off their list … yet, I don’t care. It’s more important to me to say what I want to say this Christmas through the cards before anyone finds out I have to leave. And, it’s going to be about 4-5 months before I utter a word about it, and that will be when I’m giving my 2 weeks notice.

I’ve been getting emotional writing in the Christmas cards. I get emotional every time my fiancée takes about the move, which I don’t mean to get upset, and I know that’s discouraging for him, it’s just a big step.

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  1. Congrats on getting married! You did the right thing. After you leave, people still remember fondly of you. There’s no loss in gift giving, anyways.

    • Thank you! Yeah, I know that if I really do want to do it, I should probably do the nice things. And like you said, there’s no loss in giving gifts too.

  2. Awww moving away is hard. I am sure he understands that. Right now it’s hard but it will get better. Remember you are going with someone that loved you deeply and wants to spend the rest if his life with you. This adventure is bitter sweet

    • Moving seems hard just with me coming up with what I need to move, what I need to do, etc. I just haven’t ever moved far away, and have never been separated from my family before by so many miles that will be separating us. That is very true that the adventure will be bitter sweet, and we will have each other to figure out how to get through the move.


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