Phew, I think I have a wedding date!

So, part of the stress that is going on with me is health, and me moving away, and losing my job, family, and starting over from scratch at someplace new. Also, losing my fiancée when he’s the first one to move down at where his new job is. He will be moving down before me because I’d like to have another job lined up before I make the move. Okay, so these are still extremely stressful things and I’m not looking forward to being separated from him, and having to give up my job where I love the people I work with plus my room has the best table and it’s huge.

Besides all that, it does help to have something in our sights. Something we can finally seem to pin down.

The wedding date, which is going to be in late April on a Saturday. I was finally able to call up the place we’ve been waiting for and get the dates I was looking for. The wedding date is a few days after my 25th birthday which I think is great too. He and I will have to get our marriage license closer to the date (sometime in February) and finally be able to reserve it once we have the license we can go down there and get that date secured.

It was either the late April one, or March 17, but I like the one a little after my birthday. I still don’t know quite how we will get through being separated when he has to move down there, and he will have to come up for the wedding. At least we seem to have a date to tell people though, and look forward to.

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  1. The girl with the red suitcase

     /  December 23, 2011

    Me too!! Haha 🙂 Congratulations xxx

    • Congrats to you too! Isn’t it great to get that date out of the way? Everyone seems to ask you as soon as you say you’re engaged when the ‘date’ is!


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