I have Glaucoma … and I’m only in my 20s

Remember that whole health scare thing? It’s very much real, and I’m doing further testing with it to see how much damage I have to both of my optic nerves since they have been enlarged for a while and, no, I wasn’t born with it.

See, I have glaucoma … and I’m still in my early twenties. This is something you normally see with 70-80 year olds. The doctor said it’s extremely rare and she hasn’t seen someone my age have it before. First I went through denial, anger, now it’s just basically finding out when to do the surgery to help lower the pressure in my eyes, and what type I have, which will happen with a future eye doctor appointment. Glaucoma deals with the optic nerve and pressure within the eye, too much pressure pushes on the optic nerve, causing blindness. There is no cure for it, there is no easy fix, I’ll have it for the rest of my life and it’s not a good thing that I’m so young so I have a much longer time to try to maintain it without causing more damage.

My mother was very upset about it, my fiancée, even my brother seemed to have an uncharacteristic catch in his voice when I told him. I’ve never witnessed my brother cry in his life, and he didn’t, but he definitely wasn’t cracking his normal jokes when something happens. Actually, I felt even more awkward when he didn’t do a shitty joke, it kind of made it much more real that this isn’t a laughing matter.

So, going to Vegas helped me to keep my mind off of this. Vegas was wonderful, and I feel very energized from the trip, which is generally not true. I’m just anxious to find out how much damage I have with my eyes, though I was told my left was worse. I’ll find out more later in December when I have my testing.

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  1. Oh dear, good luck with that! Hope everything turns out allright!

  2. I’m do sorry to hear this. Dealing with unexpected health issues at an unepexted age is never easy. I really hope they find a way to manage this effectively for you My prayers go out to you.

  3. Same situation here

     /  March 6, 2012

    Before you read,…sorry if my English is not that good…..I’m still working on it 🙂
    I know exactly what u feel.I’m turning 21 in few months and I just discovered that I have low tension glaucoma a few days ago*and my left eye is worse than the right too*.I have to admit that I felt sad when I was told that news especially when I’m a medical student and I know exactly what glaucoma can do. I have no family history of glaucoma and I’m still so young to have glaucoma just like you…..I have been examined by 4 doctors until now and all of them were extremely surprised. It will be o.k if u obey your doctor’s orders and everything will be fine just don’t go easy with your medicine and take it on its time and don’t forget to do visual field test regularly and measure Intra-ocular pressure regularly.
    My prayers go out to you

    • Thank you for your comment, and it is crazy being younger and having the risk of glaucoma looming over you. For now my Doctor is telling me my thickened corena is helping with bringing my eye pressure down but she still wants to test me pretty consistently to see if I was born with this or if it’s gradually getting worse. I don’t know why we would have an issue of glaucoma at such a young age but I guess it’s good that we catch it early and keep an eye on it, right?

      • Same situation here

         /  April 13, 2012

        Yeah, it’s very good thing to catch it early before any serious complication happens.My doctor is very cautious with me and he makes me do lots of tests so often but I’m getting used to it and I have a good feeling that everything will be fine 🙂

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