Trying to put Christmas into our busy schedule

Well, to say the least this year I’m done with my shopping early (like usual) and recently gave my brother his birthday presents. But, Christmas was not given to him, yet, my mom gave my brother all of his gifts in one shot while I still have quite a few more for Christmas. We are all kind of busy this year, me and my mom are going to Las Vegas soon, my brother will be going down to visit his Uncle and Aunt over actual Christmas, and I will be visiting my fiancée’s family over Christmas time.

Our schedules are kind of full, add to that I’m tempted to pick up more hours and we are pigeon-holed into maybe meeting up near the New Year.

My mother just looked at me and my brother with narrowed eyes and said, “Hey, I’m done. All of your gifts are here for Christmas and  for your birthday. You two will need to meet up and have to get this done.” My brother and I looked at each other and just shrugged our shoulders. I don’t know quite how to drive anywhere outside of the places I normally go to, he has a job, I have hours I might pick up, and a vacation I’m going on, and finally a visit to his parents that I took at least one day off from work to spend time with them. And, let’s not forget my brother will be far away from us come actual Christmas Day.

Who knew you would have to try to fit Christmas into your schedule?

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  1. Christmas is about giving, and love, and family. So you’ll have Christmas… it just might not be on the same day that the rest of us are celebrating it. 🙂 I hope it all works out!


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