How the hell did I end up in a Christmas flash mob?

Wow, something weird happened today. So, I went to the mall to walk around, waste some time, I didn’t go over to my folks like I normally do because my mom had a work meeting to go to so I decided to stay at the apartment. I will just have to deal with my dirty laundry and save it until next week to wash. There was something weird going on, there were lights, there were cameras, and a bunch of people with name tags walking around. All the stores and shops I wanted to get into had a ton of cable on the ground, or I was scared I might possibly get stuck in the epicenter of it all.

There was this escalator that seemed to be the start of it and this girl who kept walking around and all that. Everyone just stood by the railing and stared, and I went to it several times and didn’t see anything of interest either.

There was lights, cameras, but no action.

Then, it happened. Music came on so loud that everyone kind of stopped, and those in stores ran out. Lip synching happened with the music and suddenly people were emerging from all over the place. There were people dancing and just singing and I couldn’t find a way to get out of their way. I kind of did a circle in one spot and then glued myself to the mall wall.

I was rather scared of all the dancing, singing, frolicking people.

I thought I might be trampled by them. The normal folks around me stood there just as aloof as I was. There were cameras chasing after the hoards of people who were lip synching to the Christmas song and I just didn’t want to be in it. It finished with a grand finale of the huge group of people singing choir style. One lady made eye contact with me with a what the hell is going on?? look on our faces as she exclaimed, “I’m just trying to find a way to get out of here!”

So, if you ever had something on your bucket list like being in a flash mob I just inadvertently accomplished that for you.

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