Surviving Black Friday – Keep your head out of the toilet

Okay, so when you go to Black Friday, if you dare to venture out there when people are acting like wild, crazy, wildebeest stampeding around and trampling each other, I doubt you think of the retail people behind the scenes. They have to deal with you foaming at the mouth, eyes glazed over, acting like rabid zombies looking for supposed ‘great deals’ and all that good stuff.

I wanted to participate in this craziness, from behind the black curtain. Doing the retail for our store and putting on elbow pads for this morning because we had a special deal on products that only lasted for 2 hours. I even told my family yesterday we couldn’t stay out too late out and would have to get home at a certain hour for me to get enough rest and shut eye to face the crowds. I was ready, I was going to be prepared, I was going to have the most awesome retail day … ever!

EXCEPT,  there was a hitch in my plan. That hitch being I overstuffed myself with food. Or, so, maybe I thought, possibly something worse than that…

Like, you know, food poisoning via popcorn. I had popcorn at the movie theater and though I was stuffed, my brother wanted something to briefly nibble on and he winded up forcing it back into my hands several times. I hardly got through the bag but with it being pawned off to me, and my fiancée got it for my brother, I felt a need to eat as much as I could.

This was my downfall, as I went to sleep early last night. I slept fine enough until 3am in the morning.

Then, I started to notice I didn’t feel well. I rolled myself back and forth in the bed, holding onto my stomach like I do sometimes when it’s upset and normally it works. This is how I knew whatever was wrong with me wouldn’t be the normal thing, my throat felt funny, like every time I swallowed I was swallowing glue. About 3:30 or so in the morning I finally sat by the toilet on the floor and put my head in it. And so, I threw up the popcorn, which I must say is the most painful thing ever!! I felt like pointy tacks were being dragged up my throat, it was the worst thing.

This went on for 2-3 hours. It was so bad, that even when I did get sick, there was no relief. I got sick again, and again, like 5 times. I was so miserable I snuck into my fiancée’s room, just to end up scaring him in the morning, to tell him how awful I felt. All I could think of was missing all of those retail opportunities but I ended up getting only a few hours of sleep. I fell asleep at like 6am and wound up getting up around my usual time, not early enough to get in on the Black Friday action.

I’m sooo kicking myself for not getting in on it. We sold so much money within those hours, I could have had so many walk-in retails to not battle the last few days of the month trying with my clients and worrying if I will make my own goal. I am so disappointed in myself with getting sick and missing out! At least I didn’t wind up back in the compromised position at work, that would be a mess.