Skin Cancer Scared

My mother has skin cancer. She had it biopsied so that they could find out what form it is. She thought that not telling me would be a good thing because knowing would be just one more thing to be worried about. Well, that’s great, because now I have to worry about her hiding other stuff if something happens. They scrapped the piece next to her nose pretty deeply so that is slowly healing and I keep on telling her NOT to put makeup on it until it’s completely healed.

We won’t find out what it is, and the plan of action for it, until they get the results back.

I’ve nearly cried several times but have stopped myself. I have to stay strong, and with the surgery they do it will be like 8 hours or so she would be in there and it’s either on a Monday or a Thursday. Either way if I need to get time off for it I will because I’m going to be there for her. And if we can’t do the Vegas trip because the surgery will be before it then that is just the way it is.

It feels surreal, like it’s not happening. I’m hoping maybe it’s some kind of mix-up, though knowing it’s probably not. I just gotta keep strong for her, that’s what I keep telling myself.