So, how was the lovemaking?

A quick post because I’m an old fart, and an exhausted old fart, and will going to bed soon enough. The man got in from his trip but he’s tired too so he went to sleep before. But, one of my favorite reasons I love where I work is the random stuff you’ll catch around there.

“So, how was the lovemaking that night you got married?” 


“You know, the lovemaking. Did you make him dress up or anything like that?” 

“You sound like my mom…”

“I’d make him dress up for me. And then make him dance the first night we are married.”

This was a conversation between two of my co-workers which had me cracking up. The girl in question got married recently so the other girl was asking how things went down and how steamy it got in the bedroom. She refused to answer the question, and so I just sat there, laughing, eating my lunch as the one girl kept going on and on about what she’d make her then husband do that night.

Mainly playing a bit of dress up and role-playing. And probably quite a bit of humiliation, or so it sounded.