Santa ate the Thanksgiving turkey

I know that the man is over-killed with stuff at work, buried with what he does, and is absolutely overworked when one of his favorite holidays is put on the back burner. He’d normally have my gifts, his gifts he got for my mom, and his family, pretty much done by now. Instead, he hasn’t gotten anything done. Our evenings together are spent with him taking work home with him and doing it while we watch T.V. I came home to an empty apartment tonight… he’s off to another job interview and is on an airplane right now. I will be lucky if he gets back tomorrow, I hope he does.

Seems like every year Thanksgiving is skipped over to start the whole Christmas thing. I don’t mind Thanksgiving and it’s one of the least stressful holidays we have, though still stressful. It’s also the one my whole family has off, since both me and my mom work weekends and every weekend seems to be the time Christmas is. Every time pretty much, while I don’t know how that works year in and year out.

I’ve already gotten pretty much all of his presents for Christmas already. I still need to get a few more things for my brother, and a couple of things for my girls at work, and maybe a little something for his Mom too, and I will be all set.

Our roles have reversed, Mr. Crazy-about-Christmas has been beaten out by, yours truly, the Grinch for getting gifts. I’m not a fan of Christmas, never have been since I was a kid, but I want to try to like it more since the man loves it so much. He’s so passionate about it, and like a little kid in a candy store whenever Christmas comes around. While I generally can’t wait for it to be done with and for whatever family holiday fight will happen that year to be over with.

My mother has been saying lately, “What Christmas? How can we have Christmas when everyone is going to be gone? I could care less about it, blah, blah…” because not only will I probably be gone this year for Christmas Day, but my brother is going to be visiting his Uncle through Christmas Day this year. She is all bummed out because we both are going to be gone, yet that doesn’t mean I’m still not going to get gifts for Christmas for my brother. My mom is just going to be re-wrapping stuff she gave him last year that he didn’t want and didn’t take home with him. She was also talking about different ways to annoy him, like wrapping his own clothes he left at their place and giving it back to him.

This is why I end up getting my brother everything on ‘the Christmas list’ he ends up giving me. I know my mother will re-gift every little thing he didn’t like and give it back to him. It’s pretty funny, but they both are so stubborn that it keeps on going year after year.