I don’t even have to say, “Boo!”

Just imagine me waiting to spook you from behind this...

We have this running gag between me and the girls. We really do like to scare each other back there and most of the time when I do scare one of my favorite girls it’s actually not on purpose.

I have the quietest shoes ever.

One of my favorite things is to scare the new girls we just hired by either A) sneaking up behind them B) dancing behind them or the never fails tactic of C) just being myself. It is a right of initiation for every newly hired employee to be put through my weirdness and hope to survive at the end of the day. My favorite is dancing behind them, which many a person has pleaded to me, “Sarah! Stop it, you are scaring the poor girl!” Come on, my mad dance moves are many things, but scary in not one of them.

The spa can be a lot of fun. We always creep up on each other, or throw ourselves out at the perfect moment to run into someone, or just lay down on the floor and wait for you to look down and be creeped out because you had no clue anyone was in your room. I believe our domain of the Salon is incredibly humorous since we take advantage of the low lighting and weird music.

Plus, lack of clients back there sometimes helps. And the fact that we have rooms and can close the door or have some privacy to scare properly.

There are two estheticians, both are my favorites at the Spa, who continually try to up the ante on scaring each other. There was a perfect example today where one of them went into the other’s room to steal some laundry and she kept on calling out, “Hey! I know you are hiding, come on out! You aren’t scaring me this time!” I finally ended up telling her that she need not be paranoid, the other girl was up at the front and was not lying there waiting for the perfect moment to grab her leg.

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  1. Ha ha awesome!!!
    I love that!!
    I need to see these dance moves!!

    • I got such mad dance moves everyone is jealous of them! 😉 I got amazing abilities with my hips and can bust out in dance at any moment with music… it is a gift I must share with others!


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