Why a nature filled wedding is a no-no

Nature even is beautiful on a stormy day

I love nature, and I have loved nature since before I could talk, walk, or remember. I have always been that odd-ball little girl who chased after ants, crickets, bees, butterflies, anything that could run away from me. When I get put into nature suddenly I take on both my mother and brother’s ADD that they seem to have in every situation. They can’t calm down, or relax, they always need to be doing a million things at once and can’t relax even when they are out in the pool sunning. They need to go in the pool, back on the chase lounge, in the hot tub, in the sauna, back in the pool, and repeat and recycle. They want me to follow them going in, out, and back on but all I want to do is just lay there and relax.

When you get me out in nature and there are insects, mainly butterflies, I suddenly chase after them and can’t be calmed until you put me back in the car. It stimulates me when there’s things I can find and explore. This isn’t to say I can’t find nature relaxing, which I do, but if there’s some miniature wonder to found or weird insect to be seen I will find it.

And then, I will stare, be tempted to prod it, and everything around me will disappear as I concentrate on that one tiny thing.

I’ve thought about a nature wedding for a while now because of my passion I have for nature. But knowing me and my ADD-ness when it comes to being outside someplace beautiful I can’t help but to explore it. And if a butterfly happens to cross my path, you have totally lost me. Or, god forbid I find a caterpillar and now I will probably holding onto it and putting it into anything I can transport it in.

The place I want to be married in is stunning, beautiful, but also in the city. The city tends to mean to me ‘go-go-go’ and I’m not as secure in it. I find the building that will be doing the wedding is quiet, and has this… old history quality to it that I love too. You can feel the history in it, from the walls, to the stained glass ceiling. My mother keeps on trying to push me away from it (though she was the one to tell me about it) because we can’t schedule the wedding until the last second. They will only give out dates so far in advance, and she wants to know right away so she can get time off.

Uh… yeah, you and me both, mom. I have to be patient with it, but if the man ends up getting the one job, we will be moving up my possible wedding date of around April to any time they will give to us. I want April because it’s always felt like the perfect date, yet if he has to move away I want us to be married before he leaves.

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