The Retail Smack down

The thing about our season where we are focused on Christmas (which happens right after Halloween) is that everyone gets so dirty with what they do. One of my girls I liked yesterday ended up changing my retail to her underneath my nose. I came across it just because I had a feeling about it and confronted her about it. I don’t think either of us suggested the product, but I already had a manager fix one of my big retail mess-ups where yet again it was put underneath someone else, not me.

Now, with that, I did go up to my client while she was searching through some of the face stuff and helped her from grabbing something I don’t think would be right for her skin. I double checked and saw it was underneath another person, which upset me. So, I had it changed and didn’t want to have another thing changed on top of it.

We get so emotional about it and feelings get hurt with the retail and fights break out. It gets worse during the holiday season so instead of just dealing with holiday stress, now you have to worry about screwing-you-over-stress.

Plus, we have this holiday game and anything to do with games and we get a little crazy. I have not done or finished any little square on our game, while others are just breezing through it. It’s just a little frustrating when you trust the people you work with but suddenly everyone is turning on everyone because they want their numbers to be the best. That is probably one of the things I least like about my work, we always seem to be fighting against each other when it comes to that.

I don’t blame anyone. Raises are done because of retail, and supposedly ‘paid vacation.’ When we don’t sell retail, or fall behind, or someone takes it and puts it under them, they literally are taking money out of our paycheck for when we get our next reviews.

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