Stuck in a state of Limbo and the game Pong

It's like a game of pong with your heart on the line

The man and I have spent the last few days just talking about the prospects of him moving and what we’d have to do. He’s excited about the idea of moving and really wants this job. I’m… less than excited, though willing. He keeps saying that he’s sorry every time he says that he definitely hopes he gets this job which will up and move the both of us.

It’s terrible with this whole waiting game. He listed the three major things he was worried about last night. I will give you two of them, because the third I can’t quite remember.

1) I won’t be able to deal with the change of the move/can’t find a job.

2) His company won’t pay for the moving expenses. He doesn’t have the money to come up with to move everything we own that far away.

I think the first one is definitely his Number One worry about it, while mine is him getting the job and then them deciding they don’t need that job. Or, this job not being as easy as the person before told him it would be. See, he was suggested to get this job by this lady who had it, and then decided to go with another company. She made it clear to the man who it was about the easiest thing out there, but I’m thinking it can’t be as easy as she told him.

Still, hopefully it can be a job where he goes home and then he doesn’t have to answer 3-4 calls at all times of the day, even late at night when we are sleeping, to fix something that went wrong. That, even when we are on vacation, he has to do his work even when he’s away from work he can’t even enjoy the vacation because every day they are calling him.

Every time I get a text from the man lately I think he’s gotten the news about the interview. It has thrown me off at work because I’ll see that he texted me and start hyperventilating, wondering if this is the moment when we find out. I read it and find out that it’s just another sweet text from him, without any foreboding news about our future. It also scares me that in the beginning we are going to be a long distance relationship at first and I know how hard those are from experience.

I want to move down there once I get a job underneath my belt, and I don’t know how long that is going to take.