I’ve already started to get my Christmas presents for my family and the man… is this bad? Should I be faulted for a false start for starting it even before the end of Halloween? For someone who isn’t the biggest fan of Christmas I tend to start my shopping very, very early. So early, in fact, that by the time December rolls around I tend to have all my gifts in a basket and I’m ready.

My brother will be doing what I normally do for Christmas… going somewhere else for it. He will be traveling from December 21st through actual Christmas day. The man wants me to get time off the day after Christmas so we can go down to see his family. I know he really wants me to try, but I’ve already got that time off in December to go down to Las Vegas with my mom.

They were already to spit fire at me for that, they might actually chase me around screaming, “NO!” for asking for another day off in our time where we prep for it months in advance. Holiday season is big stuff where I’m at, and that time, and the time afterwards, is our “busy season.”

And you know what my Achilles’s heel is and we got the form in for that too. Our product order form is in and I’m adding, subtracting, adding, taking it away, for the products I want and it’s even more stress because we still don’t know about his interview for the move-away job. I’m needing to get more stuff than usual and before it’s run out since I need a big supply with it if… well, you know, the move actually happens.

Tis’ the season to splurge but I’m still fighting it.

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