I like getting dirty… is that okay?

I remember one of my first interviews that I had. I’m rather… well, introverted at times and when I was younger it was even more so. When I first started interviewing they’d ask me, “Where do you want to work?” and I’d just answer back, “Ummm… wherever I’m not with people.” That’s how I got into the whole dog grooming thing. It was the only job you were off by yourself, doing your thing, but it turned out to be quite a lot of people work. You’d answer phones while holding onto the dog you were still working on so they wouldn’t leap off and choke themselves.

Certain dogs like to try to commit suicide at the groomer. I swear that is the point of it, because they will leap so many times off of that table when it’s at its highest, you drag them back, and then they wind up falling off the side all over again.

For my first interview (and the one I got hired on) there was a man and a woman interviewing.

I should not interview with men. In retrospect, I was a little too much with it.

Guy: This job requires you to get dirty a lot. (dog grooming, that is).

Me: I like getting dirty. I’m just a dirty girl.

Guy: Part of the uniform is wearing a smock.

Me: Do I have to wear anything underneath it?  (seriously… I said this).

I might have said a few other flirtatious things too. I thought he was kind of cute, and the woman there wasn’t exactly asking the questions so I was mainly just answering the questions he asked. I can’t believe I got hired for the job, looking back, with my horrible interview skills and my goofy answers to the questions. I showed up on my first day at work on the wrong day wearing the wrong clothes. My soon-to-be manager looked at me like I had two heads.

I don’t blame her, it was my mistake, and later on we laughed out about it. She’s still to this day one of my favorite managers I’ve ever had. I was definitely spoiled by her, and couldn’t ask for a better experience for having a manager. She was very understanding, never raised her voice at me, and always tried to get two sides of the situation. My first manager ever was kind, funny, and she was great to work with. If I thought I could survive dog grooming I would have stuck with it, but it’s more exhausting than massage… and that is saying a lot.

My interview skills have improved and I’ve learned it’s all about knowing about the game and how to play it so you win. It was still hard, even as I got better and more confident in myself, to get those second interviews. Plus, we have to give a free massage as part of the ‘technical’ within a review. They’ll almost always call you back so you can give a free massage to someone. And doing free massages leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Oh, and what was your worst interview? 

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  1. If you are satisfied with your thing what ever you are doing then it will be healthy part of your life enjoy it !:)

  2. The Girl With the Red Suitcase

     /  November 1, 2011

    Well I once had an interview for a summer internship. On the board of selection there were like five over fifty big shots. They asked me something, and I purposely gave a wrong funny answer and burst laughing, as a way to put in a little joke to show them that I have a sense of humour and my nice personality would be a plus if they chose me. The thing was that nobody else laughed. They just remained staring at me like I had fallen off another planet. And, no I was not chosen =)

    • I know, it’s just so hard making jokes with an interview or with a business situation. I feel like sometimes people’s humor just goes right out of the door. I hate that awkward situation where you know something is funny, and you laugh, yet everyone else looks at you like you are crazy and you end up giving them this, “What? That was funny!” look. I’ve been to many an interview where they look at me like I just sprouted out two heads, and it always frustrates me that they react that way.


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