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One of the things I’ve done recently is another class. This whole month is filled with classes for us to go to, continuing education to do, and it is just a busy month. Which, I don’t mind too much because this whole month is the man being gone for business trips so it keeps me occupied and gives me something to do. This class was more prepared than the previous one I had and I was one of the first people who got there.

So, I got introduced to one of the instructors and it was pretty funny, and cute, how the manager didn’t just introduce me, but also told them what I’ve been doing lately. How I’ve been working hard on retail, I’ve been writing notes all the time and how that has helped, and it was just really nice with how she was pointing out all of the positive things I’ve been doing. It felt kind of like a proud mother thing she was doing so I was trying to fight a smile when she the manager was talking. It just had me feeling really good, even though the instructor was like, “Yeah, okay, alrighty.”

I did enjoy the class and thought that it was interesting. I think that I got more out of it then the last massage class I had because there was information I could use personally with my career, interactions with people, and on myself as well. The massage class was common sense, stuff we knew, and some other stuff thrown in there which was very interesting, but a little harder to use with my career.

One of the things that we learned is What kind of personality are you? There is the really emotional kind who will burst into tears if you look at them funny, the analytic kind, the one who is all about common sense, and the dynamic (which is all about gut reaction) kind of person. Which one do you think you are?

Now, with me, I’m not simple, or easy, and my personality, or how I learn, definitely gets involved in that. I end up being a mixture of everything in one. And, to learn I need auditory, touch, and visual all in one. That’s why I tend to be such a hard learner, and so when I teach, I was remember to be patient, repeat the steps, and ask them if they need me to show it a different way to make it work.

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  1. Interesting…
    I think for me… I am a bit of all as well.
    Though I hardly just burst into tears. Well only during that time of the month

    • Yeah, that’s like me. I hardly burst into tears unless if it’s that time of the month too, or I got a lot of stress going on at once and it finally has caught up with me.

  2. Yeah, I’m not much of a crier either. My fiancé always has us doing those personality tests, I’m usually analytical, he usually impulsive. We didn’t need a test to tell us that though.

    • That’s funny that you say you didn’t need the test to know what kind of personality you are. I kind of feel the same, I know where my strengths are, and I know how I think and come at stuff. Especially when you have one who is impulsive, which is like my fiance, and one who is a little more analytical, which is what I tend to be depending on the situation.


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