Food Demos are like free buffets

My family has this thing of loving to shop around when they are giving free food out to sample. And, it’s even funnier when I’m with my mom because if there is something she doesn’t want to try, but she thinks I might like, she gets two of them and hands them both to me. Then, she encourages me to go up and get my own on top of the two she got for me. Needless to say, you can get pretty filled up if you keep on doing that over, and over again. My brother will whisper to me to get him something too so we seem to have this whole system going on.

We went to a healthy food store and they had like a demo going on today with free shakes. But, the shakes weren’t that great, way too healthy for me. It reminded me of the shake my mom would try to force me to eat before I left to school so I’d excuse myself from the table, smuggle the glass with the shake, and basically pour it into the toilet and flush it down.

It was a horrific shake, and one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted. You could tell the shake they were demoing today was not a fan for the kids. They would scrunch up their noses and try to pass it off to their moms… and the mothers would just shake their heads and push the cup back at them. I had to agree with the kids, it was not that tasty and brought back bad memories of being made to eat the horrid stuff my mom used to try to force me to eat it.

I was with my mom today because the man left on a business trip today. He will be back by Wednesday, but until then, I have the place all to myself. And what you may, or may not know, is that I don’t do that well being alone without him. I used to having someone in the house/apartment with me, even if we aren’t in the same room, there’s a certain kind of comfort to having someone with you. This place just feels lonely, empty, and not the same without him. I’m trying to wean myself into being okay without him here, because he’s going to be making business trips all the time.

It’s just not that simple to be alright with him gone, so my mom came up to spend some time with me so I’d have less time by myself.

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  1. My husband will go to the mall and walk three laps around the food court and eat his lunch a la samples 😉

    • I believe it! You can definitely make it a meal if you have enough food stands to hit up or have a person like my mom who gets you two and gives you both. 😉

  2. Ha, ha. Food samples are my favorite reasons to shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s!! 🙂

    • Oh, that is like the best! I also love really big wholesale shopping places because if I am going to buy a 10 lb. bag of food I better know if I like it or not. 😀


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