Hamster sex and a Clown (don’t ask)

I’ve been sick since yesterday, I’m better today, but I got the most sick that I’ve gotten in a while. All I had to eat was a cupcake (which was sold at this farmer’s market) and was whole wheat. I only ate half of cause’ I didn’t like it, and some ice cream. After that I felt extremely horrible, like an alien was going to rip out of my stomach. My family isn’t the best to be around when you aren’t feeling well so I kept it secret until I couldn’t anymore and told my mom what was up.

She put me in the car and rushed me over to none other than… my brother’s apartment. Of course, he wasn’t too pleased that his sister was going to get sick in his bathroom but once I got inside the apartment it was on. My shoes were off in an instant and my head was in the toilet. Later on, I grabbed a bag from underneath his sink and used that too.

I was absolutely, positively, demolished with how sick I was. My mother did an evacuation plan for my brother which he put up a fight for in the beginning. Then, she told him I was going to take a shower in his shower and he needed to get out of there, as well as her, so that I could just be there and get sick. Now, normally, maybe, I could be brought home, yet this wasn’t any night. It was the night of her dirty, filthy play that she’s been wanting to see for weeks. Someone was going to go to that show. She was hoping to drag me, until she saw just how sick I was.

So, it had to be my brother who was going to be the guinea pig. Now, my brother wasn’t feeling much better. He wasn’t physically ill like me, no, he had just recently hurt his ankle again. He and I sprain and mess up our ankles, especially our left ankle, like it’s going out of style. My poor brother was limping around like he had a broken leg, and you bet I felt even worse when I saw him moving around like a gimp. Still, I was unmovable on his bed and she shoved him into the car and drove him to her play.

He asked for money for her making him go to this play, which he has yet to be received. She instead gave him the furry blanket that she was supposed to give him for his birthday instead. My brother called out again and again for her to give him the money, which she told me to quickly exit the apartment before he chased after us with his gimp leg. I think he enjoyed the filthy play, which had a clown, hamster sex (so I was told), swearing, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Oh, and a live dog who then ate the toy hamster. Boy, did I really miss out, or what?

I got back home without any incidence, but my brother made sure to tell me I certainly wasn’t welcome to get sick in his bathroom. Well, excuse me, but I think I did a rather splendid job of not getting anything anywhere except for the designated areas.

I don’t know what got into me. I’m still not feeling 100% and I have to work tomorrow. I haven’t gotten full-blown sick like yesterday, but something’s a little off. There wasn’t that much I ate the day before and I don’t know what triggered it… unless if maybe part of the culprit is stress. It’s just that feeling of being off and not quite finding an explanation for why I feel that way.

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  1. I am deeply intrigued with this “play”. Also disturbed. What the hell!!!

    • I think you might love it, or, be completely terrified. Supposedly my brother enjoyed it, and he is really tough to win over with plays and stuff. When my mom tried to retell it to me I was like, “Ohh…. huh. Really missed out there…”


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