The Secret is… there is no secret

There was a class going on and I had to do a retail class with the instructor of it months and months ago. I was a beast in the class (not as much as I thought I was, but I thought I was pretty bad) because I’m not lying when I say I don’t buy stuff for myself. Retail isn’t exactly my thing when it comes down to my end of actually getting stuff for myself… except for the products we use at our Salon. That is the only thing I spend my money on, and a good amount of it, consistently. But, she ended up telling me our whole group of Spa Gals receiving her class basically made her want to drink herself to death afterwards. Yes, we were that bad.

We just have a hard time with retail, some departments more than others, and it is not going to be a simple solution to fix it. That’s why, when she kept on trying to corner me to find out my ‘secret’ to doing better at retail, I wouldn’t give her a straight answer.

The secret is… there is no secret.

But, what do you mean?? Come on, the lady said, I gotta have some kind of information to fend me off from your kind (massage therapists) when I try to tell them they can do better at retail. I don’t down play that it isn’t easy, this is a struggle for all of us every single new month when it is re-started. I have had 3 months of beating my goals so this puts tremendous pressure on me… I want to make it 4 months of it. I’m a perfectionist, and I want to be the best. Especially since our massage therapists did really great last month with our retail and goals, which I am quite proud of, though I have to up my ante.

If there was a great formula for getting my clients to listen, I’d be doing awesome every week instead of sweating it out every day I work. I try to do my best to listen to what they tell me about what is bothering them, if they are having a hard time falling asleep at night, all that, to find some solutions to what could possibly help them. I believe in the stuff I offer them because it’s my own little addiction and the only thing I spend my money on are the products we use. And, of course, food and all that but with everything I buy I try to restrict myself on it and watch what I spend stuff on… always.

Sometimes I wish I could do this career and just focus on the massage and all that. Not to have to worry about the extras, but I do try to look at it as a challenge. And nothing quite gets a perfectionist all riled up quite like a challenge to conquer.

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