Enough Talking, what about some Rubbing?

I had my continuing ed class today and it was such a drive and I feel pretty damn tired from the whole thing. It wasn’t hands on, so there was just an awful lot of talking going on. And don’t get me wrong, it was useful, and I got to learn some more about essential oils which I do love. I also came across a student who went with me to the same massage school and I just could not stand her… 3 years later, there she is at this class. She of course remembers me, and she looks completely different, but is the same person. She still makes my skin crawl, so I mainly kept away with that whole situation.

I kept on wondering when do we stop talking and start rubbing?

Well, never, that is the answer. I’m going through the handouts they gave us and rereading stuff though. I have always loved learning and I know we skipped over some stuff, so I’m just reading because I’m in a big nerd.

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  1. These type of classes are always tiring in the start: But when you get regular to these classes you will feel good.

    • I just like the hands-on the best, it’s just great learning from another therapist techniques I can use in my own massage. Talking is okay, but I really like to learn techniques especially since our teacher had been doing massage for years too.

  2. at first I was like whoa… sarah is talking about “rubbing”?????
    And then like duh it hit me… you are massage therapist!
    I am such a retard!

    • Ha, no you aren’t! I totally just realized that after I saw your comment, I’m sure people will think ‘ohhh, rubbing, yeah!’. It is kind of like that though with that class, let’s stop with this massage foreplay and get to some hands-on action! Come on, man!


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